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Friday, October 26, 2012

Soviet Army List Generator

Here it comes! The fourth and final (for now) Bolt Action List Utility from BoltAction.Net! The Soviet Lister!

Inexperienced Time!

Big thanks to Duncan for his big push to get all these done, and his continued work updating them. I'd also like to thank those of you that uncovered errors or inaccuracies in the listers.

How many squads can you fit into one, 1000-point list in Bolt Action? Ask the Soviets!

I must caution any of you that haven't downloaded one of these listers before - it's going to make you want to get into Bolt Action. I should have never even played around in this Soviet utility...

Hm. A zero-point squad. Isn't that interesting?

I made a sixteen-squad list with this thing - talk about an order dice advantage! Sure, it's all junk, but the Soviets get an extra chance to stay on the board if they are forced to roll to test morale. What nation handles the hazards of inexperienced soldiers better than the Soviets? They love them so much, they give you an entire squad of them, for free, with gear. All of the gear.

999 points gets you six infantry squads, a bunch of little (but potent) supports, and two officers to keep those inexperienced guys in the fight. How much better is a medic in an inexperienced list? And access to 30-point anti-tank rifles! 

I've gotta' split, 'cause I need to go buy three of these bad boys and two of everything else in the Soviet list.

Enjoy the lister, everybody!

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