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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sentinel Miniatures 15mm Church

Greeting from the Left Coast

Today for review is my first major terrain piece for my game table. For some time now I have been trying to find building for my table and have been lucky enough to have received the first two houses from Battlefront. However, I was in need of central terrain piece to build my French town around. Lucky for me, my friend Peter shot me an email one day with some building he had picked up from a local studio: Sentinel Miniature

The model is white resin and comes in 8 pieces (main building, three roof sections, and four floors for the bell tower). The bottom piece for the bell tower gets glued onto the main building. Clean up of excess flash took about 10-15 minutes with a dremel and file (note: in my rush to get my building I picked it up before it was finished, which lead to me having to spend the time to clean it myself). Furthermore I was able to easily drill out the opening in the bell tower, not required but made for a better looking model.


Painting went very quickly using a drybrush method over a black primer. Extra detail was added with some Army Builder Poison Ivy glued to the sides of the church. Floorboards are molded inside the church and are a nice touch of detail. The depth of the casting really made the layers of drybrushing pop out very well.


Overall I am very happy with my purchase. At $54.00 it is on par to the CRS church but provides you with a much different looking church. Also of note is the fact that an entire armored rifle platoon can fit inside this church with no problem. I was concerned at first when I put the unpainted church next to my BF houses that the scale did not look quite right. However once the church was painted up, it looked great next to the BF houses. Recently, Sentinel Miniatures has released four new row houses to go alone with a variety of other white resin terrain pieces...these houses are all on my wishlist now :)

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