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Friday, October 5, 2012

Review: Zvezda Matilda II

This is a guest post by Bob "696".  Thanks for taking a look at these Bob!  Forum user Ironarm also posted some pictures, see his post by clicking here.

The package of the Zvesda Matilda is exactly the same as previous models. Simple box containing two sprues and the game cards for Zvesda's own game of “Art of Tactics”

The two sprues contain a total of 9 usable parts (the other being a plastic flag). This bodes well that it follows the KV1 rather than the 222 as far as construction is concerned. The casting is crisp with the only mould line being on the track and it is so small I couldn't get a decent picture that
showed it except for in one of the finished shots.

After having separated the 9 bits from the sprue,  it took a little over 3 minutes to construct including the gluing. There appears to be little need for any filling and the only blemish is one side of the turret where my ham fisted cutting took a little more away than it should have done.

Construction only turned up one minor issue. The hull top goes on last! So the construction sequence is bottom and middle hull sections, tracks, backplate and then hull top. 

(Sorry some of the photos are a little bright and the glossy finish does exaggerate the join lines)

Comparison with BF (unfortunately I have no other makes to compare them to) A couple of pictures comparing the model under review with a BF Matilda (which is about to be stripped and repainted).

Detail on the BF model is more pronounced which I know some people prefer. Zvesda has no easy option for an open hatch and commander unlike the BF model The zvesda model was easy to put together. The BF model despite my best efforts ‘wobbles’ as the tracks are uneven and there is a huge
mould plug on the bottom of the resin hull that had not been sanded down enough.

Cost wise, the BF model costs £6.75, after the usual 10%,  whereas the zvesda model costs
£2.50 from a local model shop. That’s a whopping saving of £42.50 when buying 10 for a soviet tank company.

These models are nice, however, the detail could be a little more defined but I can forgive them that due to the price. This model is one of Zvesda's best models to date. If you like Zvesda stuff then you will love this kit.

9/10 witty objects

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