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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review: ME 262 A2a Sturmvogel (AC009)

Battlefront was kind enough to send us one of their new ME 262 A2a Sturmvogel miniatures for a review.  Earlier this year, I saw an Osprey book about this plane and I wondered if we would get one for Flames of War -- we did!  I was also really excited to get my hands on the newer flight stands and to see what was included in the single plane packs.  Let's take a look!

All the contents of the box.
This box comes with everything you need to play with the aircraft model.  Stand, miniature, decals, magnets and an aircraft die.  I really like the chunky stands that Battlefront is producing now - these are much tougher and solid than the previous version.  It is also cool that the magnets come with the set now.

Miscast near the front of the tail section.  This was repeated over many sections of the model.
Unfortunately, a pattern continues -- miscast parts and/or models.  While the metal add-on pieces were just fine, the aircraft has some fairly serious ridges on it.  It looked like the two-piece mold had shifted and created some ridges due to misalignment.  For me, I spent about five minutes shaving, sanding and correcting theses ridges.  I had to smooth over sections with my hobby knife and also trim up some flash on the wings and re-add some panel lines to the model.

Yes, I was making jet engine noises while taking this picture.

As far as game play is concerned, this is a nice option for the Germans.  Because it is a High-speed Jet, it cannot be intercepted by your opponent.  Being equipped with both Cannon and Bombs means you have some flexible options to torment your opponents.

Image courtesy of
The Good
- Everything in one box
- At USD$17.50 I think this is a great value for all you get
- Battlefront has an excellent supporting article for this model here
- The new aircraft stand can be used with your old aircraft

The Bad
- While the decal sheet is included, you have to do some non-obvious trimming of the old JU-87 sheet provided to model your jet up like the pictures.  This lead to about two minutes of confusion for me.

The Ugly
- The mis-cast adventures continue

Overall Rating:  7 of 9 Seven of Nines

Jet model provided by Battlefront Miniatures

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