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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review: Armored Rifle Platoon (Winter)

Here's the new(ish) Winter Armored Rifle Company box set (UBX38). The box set, as do the other ARP sets, contains a huge pile of pewter, resin, and plastic. You get 58 figures and five half tracks with the plastic half track sprue to accompany them. You also get two sprues of stowage and a small handful of dynamically posed crew figures. (Great article on the stowage and crew here!)
Group shot!

I was able to utilize the crew to represent what's in each half-track for the most part. The commander half track gets a rifleman and a command figure, the rifle half tracks get three riflemen jumping out of the vehicle, the LMG half track gets figures shooting the LMG's from the sides, and the mortar track gets a slightly differently position command figure that looks like an observer!

With the plastic half track sprue, you get both a .50 cal and a .30 cal for each half track. I magnetized them so I can swap them around if needed, and most importantly, they can't break off!

A few things to note about the box set - you don't get any decals. The only decal I really wanted was the star for the hood, of which I had extras lying around. If you don't have a surplus, keep this in mind.

You also only get the amount of crew pictured here. I would have enjoyed having more crew figures to really just pack them in. With that said, the crew you do get are dynamically posed and very nice, not like the bunched up, sitting on a bench style we've seen in the past.

As far as extras, this box is pretty tightly packed. I had enough extra riflemen to make an extra stand and almost enough for a second.

The quality on the figures are pretty good. The only figure that has issues is the riflemen kneeling,  looking up. You can see him front and center in the group shot. Without fail, his rifle is always bent to a nice curve and the feet in the back are cast a little rough. But the rest of the figures are superb!

The half tracks themselves are the same ones we are used to; it's just the stowage and crew that differentiate them.

The command half track, command rifle team, extra rifle team, and zook.
Mortar track with mortar and zook.
LMG track with 2 LMG and a zook. Notice that the track gets the figures for the mounted LMGs on each side.
Rifle track #1 with two rifles and a zook.
Rifle track #2 with two rifles and a zook.
And some more shots of the half tracks to close it out!

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