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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Quick Spotlight: Ostwind (GE170)

I got my hands on one of the new Ostwind blisters for Flames of War.  This is one of the many, many uses for the now old Panzer IV hull, providing a familiar model to paint.

This looks of Ork make - weld a hexagon box on top and go!

Not a ton of room for these guys!
The model has just the heads separate from the bodies in the turret.  This is a good thing, as you would never be able to cram those guys in there.  I did find that I just could not easily get the guys painted -- from 3 feet, I sure don't care.  I don't think there were a ton of options for making the model any other way - patience and care should get a good result on the paint job.

The Ostwind provides some decent protection to the crew, but what I really like is the 3.7cm cannon.  That thing can park 23" away from some infantry and really chew'm up.  In support, they can also be used to eat up half-tracks and other thin-skinned vehicles.  With a 4+ FP, your options really go through the roof- like picking out man-packed gun teams!.  Checking in at only ~53 points each (Fearless Trained), this looks like a versatile unit.

Figure provided by Battlefront Miniatures

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