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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Eureka Infantry (Partisan Company by Bob)

Another guest post by Bob 696- thanks Bob!

I have yet to read many reviews of Eureka 15mm miniatures and as I had bought some a few years ago I thought it was about time for them to be noticed a little more.

I have always wanted an east front partisan company in 15mm. I spent a great deal of time searching and eventually I found the Eureka range from Australia and a stockist in the UK to boot (fighting 15s) so despite the hefty price tag (more on that later) I bought some.

First off I must say that I loved these figures but with some major provisos.
The first one was not the fault of the figure or indeed of eureka, just a matter of geography and exchange rates. For us in the UK the truth of the matter is that they are damn expensive at 65p a figure whereas PP cost is around 36p and BF roughly the same. Worth the extra? I think for a specialist project, an “always wanted one of those list” then probably yes. For the odd specialist unit again a yes … for a standard company of troops then I would have to answer “no”. That is a real shame as I enjoyed painting them and I like the finished result, it is just the cost! Oh to live in Australia! It is
not so bad in the USA as they are priced at 65c per figure which I am guessing is just a little over standard price?
The 2nd problem is the LMG barrels. They are cast way to thin and some didn’t make it to me without breaking let alone get used on a table top. Top tip number 1, don’t by the LMG teams unless you really want to risk it.

On a plus note the characters that can be bought in the range are wonderful. Get a load of the accordion player! They mix well with Peter Pig (the guy with the beard is PP I think) and I did mix in some of the
PP resistance figures to make the figures go further.
Other WWII ranges are mainly pacific orientated but you may want to investigate the early war desert Australians, the desert Italians (Who else does Bersaglieri on motor tricycles??) and the Gurkhas look very interesting. 

Rounding it up:  Good buy if you are in the USA or Australia. Not sure on the value for money if you are in the UK/Europe.

Some unique ranges worth investigating.

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