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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BEF Highlanders from Forged in Battle

This is another great guest post by Bob 696!

Continuing my theme of odd company types, I decided on a company to represent the last time that highlanders wore the kilt in battle, France 1940.

Forged in Battle had released just the pack I needed. So I bought two.

You will have noticed that I am a cheapskate and only put 4 figures per base. This makes for a fair few spare figures. I intend to put these spares on support weapons as the “3rd man” to at least try and give the feel of a highland support unit.

Good Points:

- Competitively priced at under £10 (around £9 if you can get 10% off from some online retailers)

- Two packs will give you everything you need (and more) for a short company (except the HQ 3”)

- Unique company look.

Bad Points:
- Some of the poses look a little wooden to my eye and the figure with the rifle across his waist looks to have longer arms than everyone else

- Support weapons are non-existent with highland crew (at least from FiB)

- No bases for the Flames of War players

To be fair I should explain that you do only get 1 officer with pistol per pack - one of my platoons will be led by a sergeant and the 2IC will have picked up a rifle or something.

Figure Size Comparison
Peter Pig are a pretty good match.  If you want to follow my method of mixing figures on support weapons, then Peter Pig are probably the go to guys, if FiB don’t do the weapons you need in their standard BEF range. I think Battlefront are too large to actually be used on the same base but I would be happy to have a mix on the same table. Unfortunately, I do not have a BEF figure from Battlefront to compare so I have had to pick from the spares box and ended up with a Frenchman.

 Left to Right -  FiB-Battlefront -PeterPig
Historical Note:
It is unlikely that many of the  highlanders actually wore their tartan kilt into battle without a kilt cover. I intend to paint the second platoon with a kilt cover as a way to make it easy to tell the two platoons apart.

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