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Friday, October 12, 2012

A Quick Look at the Falaise House

Having purchased the Battlefront house subscription, I was pleasantly surprised when my 3rd house showed up.  We skipped the last house since it was so similar to the first one, but since this one had a new texture and a new color palette, I figured it'd be neat to do a quick unboxing and see what it looks like next to the others.  Read on!

The house comes packaged in cardboard, which I prefer to the styrofoam... as long as the contents are well protected!
The pieces of resin are chunky, with no thin bits, so I imagine they've all made it through unscathed.

Sure enough, no damage to be found.  The white trim and door are fairly sloppy, but all in all not too bad for a pre-paint job.

interior detail

roof "sabot" for holding it in place

With a bit of touching up, this will look pretty darn nice

Seeing the 3 houses together is nice.  I think they are more than the sum of their parts, which is a prediction we made upon receiving the first house.  Individually, they aren't anything mind blowing, but once they start appearing together, they start to shine.  Again, this house is marred a bit by some mediocre pre-painting, but overall I am still happy with my purchase.

Having 3 now makes me really want to get all 12 + the extras.  I think once they're all together, the individual little inconsistencies will disappear in a fully realized little town!

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