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Saturday, September 8, 2012

WWPD Partner Picks for September 8th 2012

Phil on World War Two: Montie's Pythons at Montesano Sulla Marcellana
Phil's regular force (Montie's Pythons) trades in their Brit armor to assist the Americans.  Fighting in Italy, the troops have "... have been assigned the job giving the Fish-Slapping Dance to an Italian Battalion near Montesano sulla Marcellana that had refused their country's orders to surrender."  It's not often you see Fucilieri on the board, especially not ones that can give yanks the business!  

The Gamer's Table: Romans Lend Me Your Dip!
Personally, I think dip armies can be hit and miss, but these Romans are definitely a hit!  Truly one of the best "dip" jobs I've seen in a while.  The Kiwi (Brendon) treats us with a walkthrough of his process, discusses his pitfalls and lessons learned.  If you've been curious whether or not army painter dip can really produce results, check this out and see for yourself!

Rob and Sierra's Excellent Star Wars Costumes!
I had the privilege of meeting Rob and Sierra on their trans-national road trip extravaganza that took them to Celebration VI where they geeked out in total Storm trooper fashion.  Rob and Sierra swung by the NOVA Open on their way North, and I regret not getting more of a chance to chat with them!  Although they both seem a little short for stormtroopers.

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