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Saturday, September 22, 2012

WWPD Partner Picks for September 22nd 2012

Tank Aces at The War Altar
Our friends across the pond in Ireland take us through the start of a Tank Aces event held at their club.  This post has some really great "historical information" to accompany the Flames of War battle report.  The organizers report..."We knew we have our six club FoW players, regardless, but were delighted to gain six brand new players. The faction split was heavily in favour of the Axis, so I switched to an Allied army. Goodbye, sweet Fearless Trained King Tigers, we'll meet again. I swear it."

Game of Thrones CCG Review at Anatoli's Game Room
Anatoli takes an in-depth look at this collectible card game based on the popular books and HBO series by George R. R. Martin.  Anatoli goes into great depth and detail about the game, reviewing production quality, game mechanics and of course how fun it the game is!  This post and game are certainly both worth taking a look at.

Dispatches from the Front AAR: Dust Up
This ARR features a classic match-up that is much the craze these days:  M10s vs Panther.  The battle has customized lists based on what was available - just have fun with it, guys!  "The battle starts with the Panzer platoons moving forward at the double while the mortars dig in. Slightly disturbed by the sight of a lot of tanks advancing at speed, the Task Force opted to spread out with one Destroyer platoon trying to move round to the left flank while the second Destroyer platoon tried to move around the right flank."

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