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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bolt Action - US Airborne Radio Man


     Welcome to another WIPS.  This one is directed towards our US Airborne force's radio man.  He is a wonderful looking sculpt and should be a blast to paint.  He will be attached to my HQ since the HQ allows an officer and 2 additional soldiers.

     Of course as we all know the beginning step is to clean up the figure of flash and mold lines.  I placed our comm guy on a 30mm Gale Force 9 base with super glue.  It should hold excellent against constant use.

     I hand primed the figure with black paint.  Humidity has been BRUTAL lately so all model activities outside have not been possible.  It took about 2 coats to make it ready.

     Next, the US Brown Violet was applied to the main uniform.  Remember this is for helping my 50/50 highlight pop !  Dark yellow was applied to the leather work gloves commonly worn by US airborne.

     A 50/50 mixture of Khaki and Green Grey was applied and once again leaving lines to represent shading and material.  I also dark inked the gloves at this time.

     Red Leather was applied to radio straps, boots and the knife sheath.  Inked and highlighted as normal.

     Green grey was placed on gear and belts.  I dark inked them and reapplied green grey for highlights.  The radio was painted in US Olive Green.

     Skin color was achieved using Dark Flesh first, Dwarf Flesh to 80% and followed by Flesh Wash Ink.  Knee and elbow pads were painted with US Dark Green and hit with Dark Ink.  Beige Brown was used for the Carbine and shovel handle (Missing the end of the barrel - a common occurred theme in my packaging for carbines) I painted the field radio mic US Olive Green and hit it with dark ink.  Khaki was used for the camo netting on the helmet as well as the first aid bandage.  Scratches in the paint of the field radio including all metal pieces was simulated with a number 2 pencil. Finally I touched up the leather gloves with Dark Yellow.

     Feel free to hit the forums and discuss ! Next up in the painting target range is the first 4 soldiers of 1st Squad.  Stay tuned !!!

Remember ... I'm up, they see me, I'm down !

Joe ... aka Mezz

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