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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bolt Action - US Airborne HQ NCO


     Next up in our WIP series is our NCO attached to the HQ.  I love this sculpt and his facial features.  I have two of these sculpts in the box set and couldn't be happier.  His M-1 in one hand and his binoculars in his left hand.  His facial features showing his urgent concerns.

     The NCO was cleaned of all flash.  This particular model was an awesome cast and not much clean up was needed.  A beautiful sculpt for sure. I hand primed the model once again with black.  The humidity was still too high in Virginia to prime outside.  Once you have "fuzzed" a model with primer you try really hard not to do it ever again.

     I applied the base coat as Brown Violet.  It works great on 15mm and shows a strong highlight to the main uniform color.

Base coat and uniform highlights

Gear painted with Green Grey.  Hit with a dark ink and then re-highlighted.

     Red Leather was used for the boots, knife sheath, pistol holster and binocular case.  After it dried I hit them with dark ink and then highlighted the high spots with Red Leather once again.

     Skin was achieved by starting with Dark Flesh. I left that color in the deep spots and applied Dwarf Flesh to 80% of the surface area.  Once dry, I applied Flesh toned ink to all skin.  I don't feel painting the eyes is needed with this technique.

Better light ... better detail shot

     The rifle and shovel handle were painted with Beige Brown and then dark inked.  I didn't add highlights to allow some slight difference between soldiers.  The metal was once again hit with a number 2 pencil, a FOW technique. Lastly, US Dark Green was applied to knees and elbows and dark inked to make it appear darker.

Back shot of mentioned areas

     I hope you enjoyed this post.  Please feel free to discuss in the forum !  I am always up for pointers and suggestions as well as sharing techniques.  Next up in the series is the US Airborne Radio Operator.

And remember ... I'm up, They see me, I'm down !



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