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Friday, September 7, 2012

Bolt Action - US Combat Medic

     MEDIC ! It is a common line we hear in any war movie ever made.  We were screaming it as kids running around the neighborhood playing war, guns or anything which involved a toy weapon.

     The combat medic has a unique bond with me since it was my MOS in the US Army Reserves.  Actually I was a second generation Combat Medic, my father served as one back in the 1960s.

     Bolt Action has allowed all forces to include the Combat Medic in your HQ section.  I figured since he is the the latest of my painting que I would do a quick review of the medic.

     All soldiers please turn to your battle guide (ie Bolt Action rulebook).  All countries have a section for the combat medic and his rules and cost.  Since I am assembling forces for US Army and Airborne please turn to page 147.

All medics and his staff (which you may include 2 junior medical staff) are considered VETERANS.
  • Cost for the Medic is 30 points.
  • 2 extra medical staff can be included for +13 points per man
  • Medics can be armed with a pistol or nothing as depicted on the model.

     Now turn to page 62 to review how the medic functions with the other units.
  • If an infantry or artillery unit, including the the medic team itself, has a medic model within 6" roll a die every time the unit suffers a casualty from small-arms fire.  On a 6, that casualty is ignored.
  • NOTE - Medics cannot be used in cases of exceptional damage (Page 41), against casualties inflicted by heavy weapons (Page 45) or against damage suffered in close quarter combat (Page 55).
     With the above in mind I believe the medic is valuable.  The times these units encounter small fires fire will be more than the 3 above exceptions for use.  Imagine your enemies face when he attempts to shoot up your squad before assaulting it and your medic voids all his small arms fire hits.  Your boys can then be ready for the impending assault to come (although the medic cannot fix the boys up during assaults).

Remember ... "I'm up, They see me, I'm down!"

Joe ... aka "Mezz"

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