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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bolt Action - Review: US Airborne Unboxing

Morning Troops,

     It's a tad late coming, but I thought I would introduce the US Airborne Box set.  I have already painted three soldiers from the box, which I am sure you have glanced at from previous posts. So without any further delays lets step up and shuffle to the door, shall we?

     The box says it all folks.  Airborne. 21 figures ready to open a can of whoop a@@.  I scored these at Historicon 2012 and got them at an awesome price.  Brookhurst Hobbies was great and will have future business from me in the future.


Radio Man


      The box set includes one full stick (squad) of airborne soldiers.  The box also includes a 3 man 60 mm Mortar team, a 2 man LMG crew and rounded off with a 2 man bazooka team.  The box was supposed to include a Combat Medic.  He was not present at roll call but another Lt figure was present.  An email was sent to Warlord customer service with prompt response and solution.  I recently received the Combat Medic in the mail and presented him to ranks.

Combat Medic present and accounted for.

      The box set is all metal.  The only assembly is the mortar for the mortar team.  No bases ? Yes, no bases.  I scored Gale Force 9 30mm bases and 60 mm bases at Historicon.  They were packaged the way you see them.  Nothing fancy.

So now for the Pros and Cons...

  • Solid scuplts
  • No assembly, if you don't count the mortar.
  • 3 major support weapon teams, a full squad and HQ element
  • No bases
  • The carbine gun barrels were snapped off due to packaging
The Pros have it.  It's a solid buy and I am extremely happy to have them in my forces.

Remember ... "I'm up, They see me, I'm down!"

Joe ... aka Mezz

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