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Thursday, September 13, 2012

SS Panzergrenadiers Camouflage Tutorial and Spotlight

So, as usual, I cannot remember where I got this pack of SS Panzergrenadiers for Flames of War. At the request of one of our WWPD Network fans, Luke and I filmed a short video on how to paint infantry camouflage. Unfortunately, that was beyond our technical abilities with the equipment we have, so I have instead done this little write-up.

Here are some pics of what you will get in the end:

I started off with this E/M SS Panzergrenadier Platoon.

I used three main colors for the Camo: German Camo Dark Green, German Camo Medium Brown and Green Yellow.

I dry-brushed these guys with German Field Grey and painted their faces a base flesh color. The grey really helps me identify detail and sets up the shading to look good. I like to get the face at this point so I do not mess up my paint job later trying to squeeze the brush in here.

Apply the Green Yellow to the smock and helmets. Leave the pants grey. You can go back later and bring out the highlights in the grey pants.

Apply brown patches to the helmet and the smock. Pay special attention to the helmet, as this is what you see most while playing the game. I like to use a stippling technique where I apply dots of color until they make the shape I want. Study some photos (or see the awesome tutorial) to get the pattern right.

In the two photos below, I have one figure with the brown and green done.

After the brown and the green are done, you can go back and put in dots of Green Yellow over the large brown and green areas. Make sure you get these dots in, as this is the trademark look of the SS pattern. See picture below and the ones above for my pattern.

Top Tips:
- Cover fairly large areas with the Brown. I would say about half the area. You will get some of this back when doing the Dark Green and putting Green Yellow dots back in.

- Make sure you leave some Green Yellow areas open to put in some small Dark Green dots.

- Take your time. These guys took me about 4X as long as normal infantry to paint.

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