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Friday, September 7, 2012

Soviet Strelkovy vs Polish Lancers in Fighting Withdrawal

This one's for Anatoli. Scott had a board setup featuring the Strelkovy in Wargames Illustrated attacking some Polish Lancers in a Fighting Withdrawal. The Soviets were insane! And confident Conscripts! Can the Poles hold out against the Crimson Tide? Tom made a deal with the Dice Gods that if he won he'd buy a Polish army.

Some fun rules of note: The Soviet tanks have to roll for "sabotage" at the beginning. I forgot to do that for the T-26s at first, so when you see 3 suddenly jump back out of the pack, you'll know why!

The Soviet Command teams are Command Komissar teams! That means if I roll the one after Komissarring someone (yes, I made that a verb), they shoot their own command team! Yowza!

Steven's Soviet Strelkovy
  • Huge Strelkovy Blob (37 stands)
  • Huge Strelkovy Blob (37 stands)
  • 13 T-26s
  • 5 T-28s
Tom's Polish Lancers
  • Lancer Platoon
  • Lancer Platoon
  • 75mm Gun Battery
  • 3.7cm AT Guns (in Ambush)
  • Tank Hunters with Hero (in Ambush)
  • Armored Train with 2 Artillery cars

The setup.  Sorry for the shadow- there was a pipe overhead!

So.  Many.  Soviets.

So.  Many.  T-26s.

So.  Many.  Turrets.

The T-26s roll out hub cap to hub cap.


The T-28s wait for the train.

WAAAAAAAGGGHHH!  Oops, wrong game.

The Train rolls on and nabs a T-28.

The T-26 parking lot

The Red tide keeps surging

The Soviet Left.

The Poles counter attack!  


On the right, the 3.7cm AT Guns tear into the T-26s, killing the platoon commander!  D'oh!

The Soviet counter attack.  In the end, the Soviets lose the assault, but they can absorb the casualties.

The first car goes down to the T-28s.  Meanwhile, tank MGs chew into the strelkovy.

But the Strelkovy move to assault the 75mm guns.

The T-26 gun line is now a permanent fixture with no Company Commander.

The T-28s force the other train cars to quit the field.

Strelkovy assault the 75mm guns

The Guns fight valiantly, but their end is nigh.

Soviets grab an objective.

The final Polish charge to dislodge the Soviets.

Tom must make his cavalry move in lieu of shooting!

He does, and charges in!

But after losing several teams in defensive fire, the charge is ill fated

High point

The Strelkovy surge over the cavalry

The Soviets begin turn 4 with an objective in their posession.

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