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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Soviet Lend Lease Shermans (Emchas)

As I've mentioned many times, I love the look of US Olive Drab equipment in Soviet service.  So, after finishing up my M3A1s, I quickly got to work on 2 boxes of Allied Shermans by The Plastic Soldier Company.  Also visible here is Loza by Battlefront Miniatures in his M4 76.  Now I don't know my sherman models very well, but it looks like Loza is in an M4A3 while the Plastic Soldier company tanks are M4A2s.    Feel free to correct me on the forum!

It's been humid here lately, so this pic is before dull cote.  I wanted to have these guys nosing through some ruins.

The assembly on these models was not a problem.  In the past I've disliked assembling plastics, but I am starting to come around.  The tracks fit fine once you spend the time to figure out exactly how to do it.  I also replaced the .50 cals with BF spares from my bits box- the plastic ones just seemed a bit too flimsy for my sausage fingers!

In all, I think these are a great addition to my Soviet forces, but I have GOT to paint some guns!   All I have are tanks and infantry.  I think I'm ready to paint up a God of War.  Wow, did I just say that?

As a side note, I now have more Shermans than any other type of tank.  For my US I have 13 M4s, 6 M4A1 76s, 6 M4A3E8s, 4 M4A3E2 (Jumbos), and 4 Calliopes.  My Brits have 13 Sherman IIIs.  My Germans have 2 captured Shermans.  And now my soviets have 11 Sherman 76s.  Sherman mania!

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