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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Somethin' Else Sunday: Trillian Warband for Freeblades!

Presented for your approval: The Trillian Seekers starter set by DGS Games.  These beautiful 32mm figures were painted by our friend and WWPD contributor Jeff AKA SonBae.  I am so pleased with his painting, I commissioned him to do 2 armies for Bolt Action for me!  I really love the description text and history from the DGS site, so I will be reproducing much of it here to best do these models justice!

Description text in italics below taken from

 Trilians have lived in the deep woodlands of the fox-tree since before recorded time. They have always been there, and claim without arrogance that they always will be. They are racially unrelated to any other people of Faelon and there are no people of other races living in the Realm besides the occasional diplomatic visitor. They possess no true cities, castles or other fortifications (although the palace of Silverhold puts many other citadels to shame) nor do they need any. The land of central Trilias is covered by mazes of fox-tree forest, incomprehensible to all outsiders. Trilians live both at ground level and among the stronger branches in cleverly designed wooden houses and lofts. They are an isolationist people, shrouded in mystery.
Tree Runner
Every Trilian Deeper child learns to move among the branches. They spend so much time above the ground leaping from limbs, climbing ladders and swinging on knotted ropes, that the ground seems strange to walk upon. With a longbow in their hand, they hold the ultimate high ground.

Wanderer (pose 1)

Many Trilian Deepers spend part of their lives wandering the wide outside world. On this wandering they learn the ways of those beyond their borders and bring that knowledge back to the Realm.

Wanderer (pose 2)

As Trilians wander the world, someone will occasionally make the mistake of trying to take advantage of one. That error brings an Enforcer to your doorstep, from which nothing good will result.
Tree Speaker
The trees know. They experience. They endure. The Treespeaker delves the trees for their wisdom and uses it to manipulate the world around her.

Starseekers are often the highborn of Trilias, but not first sons or daughters. They are the perfect fit to lead Trilian freebands. They are trusted by those in power, have much to prove and are driven to earn their way among the elite.

The Freeband
I am looking forward to getting a battle with them in soon!  Come back next week for a look at the Grular!

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