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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Review: Winter Log Emplacements, Gun Pits & Dug-In Markers

Battlefront was kind enough to send us some Winter Log Emplacements Dug-in Markers and some Gun Pits Log Emplacements for review.  These are being provided for the Battle of the Bulge series of books and models that are in-process.  The array of scenery items available to support this time period is very impressive.

You get a good amount of stuff in each box.  As usual, they are made from the hard rubber type stuff.  These seem very sturdy and the paint job is pretty good.  You get a bag of snow crystals with each box.
Dug-in Markers
Gun Pits
Though painted very well, these guys looked a little plain to me.  Also, I think that the 'snow' provided is much better as 'ice'.  So, I decided to hit these will some Testor's Dulcote and sprinkle some Baking Powder over them.

With provided supplied (L)  Baking Powder added (R)
With provided supplied (L)  Baking Powder added (R)
With provided supplied (L)  Baking Powder added (R)
With provided supplied (L)  Baking Powder added (R)
I sprayed  these pieces with Dulcote again and they look fine.  Up close, you can see the layer or 'ice' below the 'snow' - it makes a nice effect that is hard to see in pictures.

Conclusion:  4 of 5 Snow Shovels.  Clocking in at USD$18 for each set, these are an ok value.  The details on the pieces are good and so are the paint jobs.  For a snow board, I think that both of these are worth it, with the Dug-In markers having a better overall price point.  These are super easy to enhance, which gets them to pretty awesome looking in my book.  Again, making scenery is not something I totally enjoy, so the time vs. cash ratio is ok with me - your mileage may vary.

All scenery pieces provided by Battlefront Miniatures.

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