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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: Frozen Ponds and Snowdrifts

Battlefront hooked us up with some of their Frozen Ponds and Snowdrifts for review. With all of the winter books coming up, it is no surprise that they would have some stuff for us to put on our gaming tables. Let's take a look!

The ponds and drifts are made of the same dense rubber we are used to for the roads and other items in the Battlefield in a Box line.  These were packed well and I had no stickiness or damage.  The paint job is fine, though a little bland on the piles of snow.
2 Frozen Ponds and a bag of snow stuff.  Pond hockey, anyone?
The snow drifts again look a little bland, but I really like the added details of the downed trees and collapsed telephone pole.  These could use some enhancement with maybe some tufts of brown grass sticking up through fallen snow.  The drifts are painted well - I mean, it IS snow....

For my table, these look just fine.  They definitely add some additional interest to the table as snow tables can look a bit dull without some details - these pieces fit the bill.

I added the snow provided and am moderately happy with the result.  The crystals really look more like ice than snow.  They add interest, but I would prefer a bit more snow on the edges.

T-34s moving across the frozen waste ... must be near Craig Baxter's house....
Frozen Pond:  9 of 10 Stanley Cups:  Checking in at USD$25, I think that these two pieces are great.  They are of sufficient size and quality to make a great addition to any winter table.  The only thing I would add would be some Baking Powder as snow.  You will see some of this effect in my next review.

Snow Drifts:  5 for Fighting:  These look fine enough, but at USD$29 for six of them, I think I would pass.  USD$5 each is a bit much - I am not really seeing a ton of value.

All terrain reviewed supplied by Battlefront Miniatures.

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