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Sunday, September 9, 2012

"On the Road" Episode I: Nova Open 2012

Download the Episode by Clicking Here!
As you know, I really like recording in the car! It makes for good, natural conversation, and it's the kind of chats you're probably having to and from gaming events as well! In this, the first episode in a new "freemium" series, Tom and I are returning from the NOVA Open 2012. We recorded our trip up where I discussed Bolt Action in depth, but it didn't turn out so you only get one way this time- sorry! We love Tom, but he isn't named "Mad Dog de Mayo" for nothing- be wary that our language can get a bit "colorful" at times. Children shouldn't be listening to us ANYWAYS, but consider this extra warning! Let us know what you guys think of the format by sounding off on our forum!

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