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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NOVA Open 2012 Results and Photos!

Just got home from NOVA Open 2012 and wanted to share the results and some pictures!

We had a one-day 1500 EW tournament on Friday and a two-day 1750 LW tournament on Saturday. All in all, I think everyone that showed had a great time. We look forward to doing it again in 2013!

Big props to Sean Sarah and Chris Huhn for the assistance as ringers when needed! A few photo highlights below, and TONS more can be found here!
Early War Results:

Thomas DeMayo (Mittlere Panzers): Renaissance Man
Steve MacLauchlan (Panhards): Tournament Champion
Byron Sinor (Czech Panzers): Field Marshal
Chuck Leach (Light Panzers): Brigadier
Kevin Hatch (Panzer Grenadiers): Master Engineer
Alex Perez (Italian Carris): War Chaplain

Late War Results:

John Desch (US 2nd ID): Renaissance Man
Bob Everson (US 2nd ID): Tournament Champion
Bob Evans (US 2nd ID): Field Marshal
Rick Parrish (US 2nd ID): Brigadier
James Renteria (German SS Panzergrenadiers): Master Engineer
Kevin Hatch ( German Panzer Brigades of the EF): War Chaplain

You expect us to cross that?

Guess who?

Froggies charge forth!

Army that ended up with Best Appearance in EW...

...and this is the same guy in LW who even added the naval gunfire to his display board!


US Rifles and TDs, who woulda thunk it?

Some of the LW guys in a silly post-event picture!

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