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Monday, September 3, 2012

Episode 43 and After Hours Now Live!

Episode 43 Now Live!
We've 42 episodes behind us and there's nowhere to go but forward!  We have a lot of games we've played recently to discuss, in addition to Anatoli's newer September Campaign pdf!  We also discuss the rules for Combat attachments and Kampfgruppe.  The episode gets rounded out with a discussion on German Tank Hunters, and Jon's book review on "Origins of the 2nd World War".

  • 0:00- ACT I: Intro, AAR, General Goofery
  • 0:58- ACT II: The September Campaign, Combat Attachments and Kampfgruppe
  • 1:40- ACT III: German Tank Hunters, Book Review: "Origins of the 2nd World War"

After Hours!
Really silly episode that runs the gamut!  We talk Winnebagos, the WWPD crew as Scooby Doo characters, Buseymouth, plus some real discussion on why we think Mid War is so popular.  If you haven't tried After Hours yet, this is a good one to jump in on!

Links discussed in this episode:

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