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Monday, September 3, 2012

Bolt Action - DAK Panzer IV by Company B

If you missed the Work in Progress post, check it out here:  This was a joy to paint! The model is by Company B.

These next few pictures were before I added the commander and before I hit the model with dullcote.  The model itself is white resin and metal.  Fairly easy to clean up (You can probably see I missed a few spots in my excitement!), and easy to assemble.  With both barrel options included, I happily magnetized to give me some options!

Kudos to the guys of Company B- great model and great customer service!

And now it has a commander and a coat of dullcote!

Sorry the gun is a little crooked in the next few shots.  It's magnetized so I must've bumped it.  I just noticed it!

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