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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Crescent Root Buildings & Church Base

For those of you who have followed WWPD for a while, this should come as no surprise: I really love Crescent Root's Buildings.  There was a time when I had one of everything they've produced!  Then came the dark days.  Crescent Root shut down for around 2 years... but recently they've come back with a vengeance!  In addition to offering an expanding line of buildings, they've reintroduced their line of "building area bases".  Today I have the opportunity to show off the redesigned terrain base designed for their excellent church (and see our review here).  Stick around after the break to see me pulling out all of my 15mm Normandy stuff.  Also be sure and check out my 28mm desert buildings and 15mm desert buildings!  
Here's a look at the new base which comes in 2 pieces

The new material is rigid but light weight.  It seems quite sturdy!  Not sure what it is- feels like a slightly spongy resin or something.
*"new" church base provided courtesy of Crescent Root.
This is the old church base which was a flexible rubbery material

The old base had a big drawback- if you didn't store it totally flat, it could retain its shape for quite a while.  Though it would eventually return to flat, it wasn't quick.
I absolutely love the Crescent Root buildings.  I guess that's obvious by now since they're in just about every single battle report on this site.  They're full resin, and available pre-painted (which I will always do- worth it to me!).  Their prices are very competitive for the value- especially if you decide to paint them yourself.

I only have 2 gripes with the buildings.  #1- the buildings that are multiple stories have no way of fitting both stories (unless you don't mind stacking your guys of course).  The 2nd is that some of the later runs of buildings do not feature a "sabot" on the roof piece- rather it's just flat which means they are difficult to keep sitting perfectly.  Overall 2 relatively minor gripes from a line of buildings I otherwise adore.

Now, let's get on with the pictures!  Look how great the church looks on the base.

Added a Stug for scale- that church is 'UGE!
Now, let's put all the Normandy buildings together.

So what are you waiting for?  Go buy some buildings!  Tell Mark we sent you- he's a great guy and you can expect excellent customer service.

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