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Saturday, August 25, 2012

WWPD Partner Picks for August 25th, 2012

Break Through Assault: Carentan House Review
Since the Carentan house is so similar to the Calais house, we decided not to do a full on review on WWPD (see our Calais House review here).  Thankfully, we have Ben from Breakthrough Assault to step up to the plate!  He takes a good look at the 2nd house in the "House of the Month Club" from Battlefront.  I must say, the two houses do look good side by side- a nice little village is starting to form!

Anatoli's Game Room: The September Campaign V2 Trailer and Release Date
Anatoli's just about done with his awesome September Campaign V2 pdf!  This will be a free supplement that goes super in depth into the invasion of Poland.  Watch the trailer video here:
Dispatches From the Front: Taskforce Butler WIP I always like seeing how people get a new army going.  The planning, the buying, the painting- the enthusiasm is infectious!  So have a look as Dakeryus discusses his planned army list and shows some WIP shots of his minis.  Lots of cav recon, Tank Destroyers, and good ol' American industry to see here!  Interested in joining our growing blog network?  Check out this page for more info!

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