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Saturday, August 11, 2012

WWPD Partner Picks for August 11th, 2012

Frozen Gamer AK: Battlefront Stuarts
Our buddy Craig Baxter puts together 5 Battlefront M5A1 Stuarts, Lead by the ghost of their namesake.  With a well done homage to the Ghost Tank, and a convincing paint job on the unruly wraith, Craig's post is great fun!  Make sure to watch the FPSRussia video he's included.  Now I want some White Castle.  Actually, now that I think about... no I don't.  That place sucks.

Dispatches From the Front: Panzer Brigade 101

Lots of great WIP and final pictures of a Panzer Brigade being constructed and painted.  Some really great paint jobs on these guys!  Good tutorial to follow if you plan to paint a whole mess of panthers for yourself.

Da Gamer's Table: Home Made Stowage Rolls
This tutorial on making stowage rolls, camo tarps, and other various gypsy-like sundries to hang on your tanks is very good... but it's the 2 Soviet Soldiers urging you on in the captions that make this a standout piece!  Thanks Brendon for the great tutorial and some solid laughs!

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