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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bolt Action - US Airborne Lt


     Welcome to the first of many postings regarding WIPS aka Works In Progress. I am Joe ... aka Mezz ... of WWPD welcoming all of you to a new adventure of 28 mm Bolt Action Rules System.

     My first units to be assembled are a box set of US Airborne.  I decided to do one figure at a time to get my methods of assembly and painting straight.  First up will be our Lt.

Cleaned up and placed on a Gale Force 9 base (30mm)

     I cleaned up the figure of mold lines and flash.  Once completed, the Lt. was placed on a 30mm Gale Force 9 base.  He was secured using superglue.  I find Super Glue tends to hold better during numerous movements and transports to games.

Primed in Black

     I had to brush black paint as a primer instead of the usual spray primer.  The humidity recently would make the primer look awful on the model.  Yes it takes longer but in the long run will let the model look better.  Not a huge deal.

     I proceeded to base coat the model with US Brown Violet (Olive Drab). I left the straps, webbing, pouches and boots alone to place appropriate colors later.  The Brown Violet's purpose was for shading.

Highlight colors going on ...

     My next step was to place the main uniform's highlight color.  Using Flames of War paint schemes the next step was a 50/50 mix of Khaki and Green Grey.  I left deeper areas and various other spots to help offer shades and breaking up spots to make the uniform jump out at the viewer.  I also applied Khaki to the webbing on the helmet.

Another View ...

     For the webbing I used Green Grey. Once it dried, I hit those areas with a soft ink to get into the deep areas.  I repeated Green Grey in the high areas.  The boots, backpack pocket straps, knife sheath, pistol holster and padding on shoulder straps were painted with Red Leather, dark ink applied and then high areas touched up with Red Leather once again.

     US Dark Green was added to visible elbow and knee patches.  It seemed too light so I added some dark ink to it and now it seems better.

     All metal areas with actually colored with a Number 2 pencil.  It's actually a tip FOW shared for metal and tank treads.  It actually looks great and is easier to color rifle barrels and such.  Try it, you will be amazed.

     And above is the finished painting results.  I have begun to base with sand using tacky glue to hold it down.  Basic grass and greens will be added.  I promise to get the 100% photo up soon.

     I hope you have enjoyed this first of many WIPS of our Bolt Action forces.

Remember ... I'm up, they see me, I'm down !

Joe ... aka Mezz


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