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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The WWPD Network keeps rollin out!

Hey guys, over the last few days we've been continuing the roll out of our latest endeavor: The WWPD Network. (
Tying it all together
There's 2 main drivers behind the inception of the WWPD Network.
The first is to provide a resource to keep track of all of our stuff! We've got quite a lot of cool things going on on the web now like our podcast, our blog, our facebook, our blog about Saga, our (revamped!) player finder etc etc.  Now rather than requiring an entire bookmark folder, we have an easy to use page that can act as a springboard into all of our cool stuff!

In addition to the neat "Spider Web" detailing our sites (which was designed to be very touch friendly for tablets!), you'll see a consolidated feed of our articles on the bottom right.  We refer to WWPD sites as "Network Sites".  On our Network sites, you will notice a handy slider overlay on the right hand side.  Clicking it will make it "slide out" revealing some quick links to our various offerings.  We've also added a common footer to all of our sites; again in the spirit of easy navigation among the different WWPD Sites.  But we weren't going to just stop there!

WWPD Network Partners
The 2nd concept behind the network is a "blog ring on steroids".  We wanted to showcase all of the great blogs out there that inspire us every day, and make sure that they are reaching a wider audience!  So the 2nd piece of the network is made up of our "Partner Sites".  On our partner sites you will notice a small logo linking back to the network site, identifying them as part of the network.  Similarly the bottom center and left of the network page is devoted to a feed for Network partner sites.  Again, we hope this makes this landing page useful for our readers who can not only see what we've been up to, but what the larger community has been up to as well!

At this time, we're developing a "slider overlay" specific to partner sites for those partners who wish to include it.  Obviously, since it's considerably more "up front" than a simple logo, this is and never will be a requirement for inclusion in the network!

Updated Maps!
We've also taken the opportunity to update both the player finder and store finder maps.  They are now driven by Google's Fusion tables which are much faster to load than the traditional "push pin" system.  They are also much easier to keep up to date on our end, and have no (practical) limit to how much data they can display.  They also allow for dynamic queries and searches which is likely something you'll see in the future!

Into the Future!
We have plenty of big ideas for the network, but prefer to move forward incrementally.  Keep an eye out for more development on the Network and more sites, utilities, and resources from the WWPD Crew!

If you are interested in having your blog become part of the WWPD Network, you can apply here:

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