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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rota Razvedki M3A1 Armored Transports

This project took me a really long time!  It held up the rest of my painting queue for quite a while.  But, I am proud of the end result!

The base vehicle is the US M3A1 Armored Car (US300).  I gave Luke the crew and riders included, but one nice perk is that these armored cars come with bucket loads of extra MGs to add to your bits box!  Then, I used 3 blisters of Mounted Razvedki Crew (SU748) to fill them.
I was left with quite a few extra Razvedki crew, which I'll probably use on some captured vehicles.
For the company commander and Komissar, I just snipped some appropriate figures from their pedestals and mixed them in with the regular Razvedki guys.
With Jeep mobility, .50 cals, and a great army list I am really looking forward to using the Razvedki!

Editor's note: Their first outing wasn't spectacular, but they were out of their element!

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