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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Picture Dump from Guns of August 2012

Guns of August 2012 has come and gone, and Luke and I made the short hop to Williamsburg VA to participate in the FOW tournament offerings!  Dave Dietrich ran two Flames of War events: a Friday night 750 pt tournament, and a Saturday 1750.  Both tournaments were 3 rounds with every mission being Free For All!  To hear more about our tournament experiences, make sure to listen to episode 42 of our podcast!

A Bolt Action demo game.

In addition to the FOW going on, there was a Saga tournament, a board game room (Piled high with board games!), slot cars, and tons of other participation games.  Prize support for the FOW tournaments was provided by Carl from Minis of Chesapeake.

Thanks to the ODMS club (who are undergoing a name change and some rebranding right now) for another great event!  Make sure to mark your calendars for Muster 2013, which is Feb 1-3.

Without further ado, I will post some pictures I snapped from the con.
A Pak 40 watches a narrow lane in the bocage.
My daughter needs a new children's book.

US Mortar teams (Bolt Action)

This Sherman 76 has received some pin markers!

That German is not having a great day.

US infantry spreads out

82nd All American

My first game with Jeff

Luke and I chillin'

Muskets and Tomahawks

Burning frontier home

Just prior to high noon


Pearl Harbor

Airborne assault!



Some naval warfare on the floor


The massive zombie game

More of the city



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