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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More Skavens

More skavens for Pride of Lions. This is more than enough characters than I will ever need. Still need to work on more units, but I'm out of bases. And rats. While the rats are great, Splintered Light doesn't really package them for Pride of Lions, so buying a "pack" doesn't even give enough for one unit. I currently have five units ready (1 Slinger, 2 Clanrats, 2 Rat Ogres). Hopefully that will be enough to get a feel for the game.

This is my company commander. Three rats on a 40mm base.

These guys are random heroes. Cheap, disposable, raises a units dice level by one.

Grey seers, or spell casters. Not that I needed four, but Splintered Light gives me one for each Rat Ogre I

Two rats on a 25mm base. For my 2ic. The one in the back is the same figure as the heroes above. The one in the front will be used for my Assassins (unit champions), but painted in black on a single 20mm square base. 

Tomorrow my Dropzone Commander stuff arrives, so I'll get some pictures of that up soon. Hopefully I can do a full unboxing with pictures. Sadly, only my PHR will arrive, so until the UCM ships out, I won't be able to get any battle reports up. That's fine though, cause I have lots of projects on the side!

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