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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Know the Mission I: Free For All

We are proud to bring you a new premium episode series- Know the Mission.  This will be fairly irregular, recorded when we have an opportunity.  Make no mistake, it will not interfere with the regular podcast!  Additionally, for those of you subscribing to After Hours, these episodes will of course be available at no extra charge!  After Hours, News From the Front, and now Know the Mission- that's a lot of WWPD...  Can y'all handle it?

Without further ado: Know the Mission I- Free For All

The dudes have been wanting to record this for a while, and finally found the time right before Dirty Jon ran off to Aruba to escape his mountain of lead!

In the first episode of Know the Mission, the dudes put "Free For All" under the microscope.  Some of this may be old hat to you veterans out there, but we hope you may find some nugget of wisdom buried somewhere in the ranting and raving!

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