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Sunday, August 12, 2012

German Grey SD KFZ 251/1Cs

Just a quick update today to show off some painting Dirty Jon did for me.  I've been fairly swamped lately, so these guys have been sitting on my painting desk for way too long.  Finally dirty Jon made a deal with me- he'd paint my 10 sd kfz 251/1C halftracks for me if I assembled 8 Plastic Bondi Warriors for his Saga Vikings.  I agreed, although I forgot how much I hate assembling plastics so he probably got the better end of the deal.

These are all Battlefront miniatures.  I am undecided on whether or not to do the passengers.  Obviously they'd look better, but I do kinda like the look of them empty with dismounted troops all around!

Because I want to be able to use these throughout Early War and into Mid War, I decided to magnetize the 3.7cm gun on the platoon commanders' halftracks.

I drilled a tiny hole and put a small magnet (sorry the exact dimension escapes me right now) into the resin.  I then covered it with a tiny strip of paper.  Obviously it looks a little rough up close and exposed like this, but at a distance it disappears.

I then glued a magnet to the bottom of both the MG and the 3.7cm gun.

Now they can invade all over the place!

And here's a just for fun early mid war Eastern Front list I threw together.  I doubt I'll actually wind up using the panzerjaegers- instead I'll likely swap them for nebelwerfers and some upgrades all around...  BUT this is a list I can do that is all panzer grey.  Grey is the new black.

Thanks to Easy Army as always!

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