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Friday, August 17, 2012

Episode 42 and After Hours Now Live!

The gents are back!  Steven and Luke talk about their recent experience at Guns of August, Jon brings Steven a few Mojitos back from Aruba, we talk about Bolt Action .Net, and our new premium episode "Know the Mission!"  But wait!  There's More!  We also talk about the "Ambush" special rule, and Jon covers a book: "The Clay Pigeons of St. Lo".  Talk aout a monster episode!  Make sure to come back for After Hours- it's  a good one!

0:00- ACT I: Intro, AAR
1:14- ACT II: Ambush, Network Partners
1:47- ACT III: Preview of Anatoli's September Campaign, Rules Wonkiness, Clay Pigeons of St. Lo
Links discussed in this episode:

After Hours!
After Hours Now Live!
This is a good, long, meaty one!  I mean the episode!  Of course, we're all fired up as usual to talk meat and potatoes in Flames of War.  Lots of list discussion, with a heavy focus on Panthers in the late late war meta game.  

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