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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dirty Jon Goes Early War: Part II - Panzer III F Platoon

In my continuing effort to get in to Early War Flames of War, I finally started to build up my forces from the mound of stuff I have collected. See Part 1 here.

The Panzer III F was very common in the early period, so I grabbed a box of the Plastic Soldier Company Panzer III F,G,H. These were fairly easy to put together, though not nearly as nice as the PSC Panthers - these are an older box and PSC is getting better with each new release.

I used some Battlefront and Dom's Decals on these to represent B Co., 2nd Platoon, First Battalion, 35th Regiment, 4th Division. I based these with the Battlefront Early/Mid War German Armor and highlighted with German Field Grey and Stone Grey.

I had some difficulty figuring out where to put the Divisional markings. I could not find a great picture with the marking on the front or rear. In the end, I found some information that basically said that there was little standard practice and that even among Companies there was quite a bit of variety. In the end, I picked nice visible places front and rear. I did not have decals small enough to put on some of the side marking I had seen.

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