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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dirty Jon Goes Early War: Part 1

So.... once again I have totally gone back on something I said I wasn't going to do: I am getting into Early War Flames of War! I believe that I swore a couple years ago that I just was not going to do it at all. Then, about a year or so ago I said I was going to do a Tobruk force with Australians. Well, I guess all that is out the window! I tend to get in to stuff about a year and a half after they are all popular - US TD list in 2014! - EW kinda makes sense, right?

How did this all come to pass? Well, I got a very, very good deal on some box sets. I managed to pick up the German Light Panzer Company and the French Tank Combat Squadron dirt cheap. I figured that I could sell the French box set -- I still have not done this -- and just keep the Germans. Everyone hates Early War - sounds perfect for me! I really am getting in to it for a couple of reasons:

Yeah, well, I got a deal! In fact, I got a great deal on all the things I need to put together some sort of force. I picked up all this stuff for about 50% of retail overall:

5 PSC Panzer IIIs: FREE! Steve-O hooked me up!
5 Zvezda Panzer 38(t)s: Historicon for about $3.00/tank
Generalmajor Rommel: Historicon again for about $5 in the Flea Market
SS Panzergrenadier Platoon: I think about $8 in the Historicon Flea Market.
4 Panzer III Gs: These don't fit exactly, but I got these for $5 each in the Historicon Flea Market!
Blitzkreig Book: I have no idea where I got this from.
German Light Panzer Company: I picked this up 50% off retail - too good to pass up!
SS Infantry Company: FREE! Once again, my boy Steve-O hooked me up!

Now, I generally like the historical stuff, but I am not super obsessed with doing completely historical lists. For Early War, I figured that I could do something that was actually VERY historical. EW is not very popular around here, so I do not expect to get in a ton of games. Steven has some French, so I am mainly going to play him in historical scenarios and such. This is a good opportunity to really geek out and pick something to research and do up right.
I can also take my time -- no burning reason to pump this out quickly. I can plan and read and really get something together. I immediately hit the WWPD Forums to get some advice.

The Choice
I went with the 4th Panzer Division. I felt that this unit gave me some very good flexibility, as they were involved in Poland, France and Russia. I could build a force that would be appropriate in just about any EW game.
I had some books recommended to me, and I went ahead and ordered these:

The 35th Panzer Regiment was part of the 4th Panzer Division in each of the three campaigns. I went ahead and got these books to help me research both paint schemes and possible scenarios for Steven and I to play. I decided to split the difference and paint these guys up as if they were in France. I still need to crack the books and get started painting - I am waiting on some decals. Next time, I will talk about a list and getting started - this mound of cheap stuff has to be a playable list, right? Cheers!

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