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Friday, August 31, 2012

Bolt Action - DAK Panzer IV (WIP)

I recently ordered a Panzer IV and a British Grant from Company B.  They shipped them out to me quickly and were very friendly.  So far, very good experiences with them!  Anyways, I couldn't wait to get to work on them, and decided to start with the Panzer IV.  This is just a few WIP photos, the next time you see this thing it'll be ready to chase Tommy armor around the desert!
All dry fit

The tank came with the industry standard peg mount for the turret, but Dirty Jon has me hooked on magnets!

Because the model comes with both a long and short barrel version of the gun, I magnetized them too!

Mark IV Special.

Mark IV.

I used the Flames of War "German Armor Spray (desert)".  This color matches perfectly with Vallejo's "Green Brown".

I highlighted with Vallejo "Green Ochre" and gave some parts a thin wash.

Using some foam, I stippled on Panzer grey over the parts that should look worn.

next I painted details black, and marked the decal locations in panzer grey.

And here she is before finishing up details, and adding the tracks!

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