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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Churchills vs Grenadiers in The Cauldron!

Eric and I got a game in at Jon's house. Eric was running a test list for Masters and I wanted to make a mid war list using all "Panzer Grey" stuff. The mission we rolled up was Cauldron!  Since I was at Jon's place, I didn't do a great job of keeping up with the action in photos so will largely let the pictures I did get do the talking.

Steven's Grenadiers
  • HQ + knackers
  • Grenadiers (8x Rifle/MGs, 1 SMG Knacker, light mortar)
  • Grenadiers (8x Rifle/MGs, 1 SMG Knacker, light mortar)
  • Pioneers (7 Pioneer Rifles), Supply Wagon
  • 4x STuiG33 (Brummbar Primes!)
  • 4x Panzerjaegers (Marder Primes!)
  • Captured Kv1e (Smetna)
  • Priority Bomb Stukas
Eric's Infantry Tanks
  • HQ: 2x Churchill III
  • 3x Churchill III
  • 3x Churchill III
  • Scout Patrol (played by Indian Pattern Carriers)
  • Scout Patrol (played by Indian Pattern Carriers)
  • Commandos
  • 2x 25 Pounders

I started with grens, pios, and brummbar primes.

Eric starts with all his Churchills and commandos

Planes swoop in!

Eric tries to snipe one of the Brummbar primes

Air still does nothing.

The defenders hold on

Eric pushes his Churchills forward, preparing for the assault

Panzerjaegers arrive from reserve and wipe out a carrier patrol

Panzerjaegers now hide!

Eric assaults!

The 3 churchills are wiped out, but the Germans are battered

Smetna arrives!

Eric's CO goes after the Panzerjaegers!

Gettin' ugly.

Lots of MG shots see off the grenadiers and the German Co.  It's lookin rough now!

Pioneers stormtrooper one team out there to keep the Germans in the game

But the result is inevitable now

Eric grabs the objective having lost his carriers and a platoon of churchills for a 4-3.  Great game!

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