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Friday, August 31, 2012

Pioneer Support Platoon

In Devils Charge you are able to field a US Engineer Combat Company, also known as "Those Damn Engineers". The combat platoons in the US Engineer Combat Company consist of Engineer Combat Platoons made up of one command team, four rifle teams, two heavy machine guns and an optional four bazooka teams.  If you choose, you are allowed to replace your HMGs with rifle teams at the beginning of the game.


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Bolt Action - DAK Panzer IV (WIP)

I recently ordered a Panzer IV and a British Grant from Company B.  They shipped them out to me quickly and were very friendly.  So far, very good experiences with them!  Anyways, I couldn't wait to get to work on them, and decided to start with the Panzer IV.  This is just a few WIP photos, the next time you see this thing it'll be ready to chase Tommy armor around the desert!
All dry fit

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Churchills vs Grenadiers in The Cauldron!

Eric and I got a game in at Jon's house. Eric was running a test list for Masters and I wanted to make a mid war list using all "Panzer Grey" stuff. The mission we rolled up was Cauldron!  Since I was at Jon's place, I didn't do a great job of keeping up with the action in photos so will largely let the pictures I did get do the talking.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dirty Jon Goes Early War: Part II - Panzer III F Platoon

In my continuing effort to get in to Early War Flames of War, I finally started to build up my forces from the mound of stuff I have collected. See Part 1 here.

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Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Bolt Action T34/85

Hey gang! Here's some work by a long-time WWPD posse member Scott Simoneau. If anyone else has any work-in-progress or completed 28mm models they'd like to show off, feel free to drop me a line at:

Thanks for the submission, Scott!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Battlefield in a Box Terrain: Craters (BB14)

As you all know, I am a huge fan of painted terrain.  I just hate making terrain for some reason!  In general, the Battlefield in a box line has scored high marks with me!  So let's take a look at these craters, shall we?

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Spotlight: Armored Infantry

Having just recently played my US Armored Rifles for 6 games in the US Mid War Nationals, it occurred to me that in only ONE of my games did I send my halftracks to the rear.  That is a huge change from my tactics in V2 - one that I thought was worth exploring!  So I wanted to take this opportunity to look at armored transports from 3 different Nations: US Armored Rifles, Soviet Rota Razvedki, and German Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers.  I thought about including British Motor Infantry... but then I laughed.  I will look at their rules, general paradigm, and tactical viability and uses.  So, without further ado, let's get going!
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Bolt Action - AAR: Envelopment: Germans vs French (15mm)

Here's our 2nd game! We screwed up far fewer rules this time, and tried some new mechanics like forward artillery observers. We also tried a multiple platoon approach. The French used the British army list. The SOMUA was pointed as an M5 Stuart. The Panhard as an M8 Greyhound. The Panzer II was a Luchs. We let it keep recon to represent some sort of tactical initiative? I dunno, it just worked out, okay?

So the mission is ENVELOPMENT.  In Envelopment, the attacker (after a preliminary bombardment) must move on his "first wave" from his board edge.  The first wave has to be at least half of your units.  In our battle Joe elected to have his First Wave be his entire army.

The defenders can deploy up to half of their units in reserve, though they don't have to.  Units on the board can be placed in "Hidden Deployment" which basically makes them nearly impossible to hit so long as they are in cover and the enemy don't get close enough to reveal them.

The mission lasts 6 turns, with a 50% chance of lasting 7 (you roll at the end of 6 to see if 7 happens).  The attacker scores Victory points for: Getting units off the defender's board edge (3), having units in the defender's deployment zone at the end of the game (2), and killing enemy units (1 pt).

The defender only gets victory points for destroying attacking units (2).

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Soviets in Liberated Vehicles!

 Just a quick post today!  As part of the very generous package sent to us by Mike "Grumpus" (we mention this in Episode 41), I (of course) nabbed some of his captured vehicles!  I touched them up just a bit to make them match my armies, slapped some hastily painted stars on them, and called it a day!
Thanks again Mike!  There will be plenty more posts like these showcasing Mike's generosity!
Have a look!
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

WWPD Partner Picks for August 25th, 2012

Break Through Assault: Carentan House Review
Since the Carentan house is so similar to the Calais house, we decided not to do a full on review on WWPD (see our Calais House review here).  Thankfully, we have Ben from Breakthrough Assault to step up to the plate!  He takes a good look at the 2nd house in the "House of the Month Club" from Battlefront.  I must say, the two houses do look good side by side- a nice little village is starting to form!
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Open Fire Details Released!

editor's note: This just in!  The price is confirmed at $70 USD.  Nice!

Many of you may have seen this on the Flames of War site, various forums, smoke signals, or palantirs already, but here it is!  Open Fire!

Make sure to check every day for more information as we get it!

This is the official press release from Battlefront Miniatures:

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US Combat Engineer Box (UBX36)

Let's talk about the new U.S. Engineer Combat Company (Winter - UBX36) box set. Priced at $52, it provides a good start for a U.S. Combat Engineer Company from Devil's Charge. Clocking in at 84 figures, it gives you enough little men to build two full platoons, including the option to swap out the HMG for more rifle stands, four command stands, and still leaves about 15 figures left over! The box set also utilizes the newer style of Battlefront plastic base - the brown plastic ones with the holes precut out for the figures.

Here's a shot of what the box can make. You can get enough "pioneer" figures to put one per base - shovels, metal detectors, etc. You also get three booby trap markers!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

L Patrol Part VI: Siege of Fort Benzetti

MacCall, walked slowly into the dusty office.  The freshly polished cane at his side reflected slivers of light streaming in through the open windows.  The sounds of a bustling marketplace outside echoed faintly around the oak paneled walls, glimmers of intelligible English periodically cut through the murmur of Arabic.  The growl of a lorry in the distance grew fainter.

"Captain, thank you for joining me.  All rested up then?  I trust the nurses took good care of you" the Major said with a wry grin.

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Bolt Action - Scenarios: Envelopment and Maximum Attrition

BOLT ACTION at Guns of August 2012
In BOLT ACTION, as in any miniature wargame, you and your opponent can decide to drop all of your models on the table and have at each other, the game continuing until one player doesn't have anything left. While this can be fun, and help you get a grasp on the rules without having to learn the rules of a scenario at the same time, I feel that scenarios are the only way to play. This is true for me across rules systems. If there's no objective to drive either player across the board, then what drives conflict, other than an overwhelming desire to roll dice and a senseless lust for simulated bloodshed?
Reading that last sentence, I realize the question answers itself; but let's pretend for a moment that you've come to the gaming table in search of an experience where the goal was something more than simply destroying your opponent's forces. You want your units to be in pursuit (or defense) of some objective while they destroy your opponent's forces! That's where scenarios come in!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dirty Jon Goes Early War: Part 1

So.... once again I have totally gone back on something I said I wasn't going to do: I am getting into Early War Flames of War! I believe that I swore a couple years ago that I just was not going to do it at all. Then, about a year or so ago I said I was going to do a Tobruk force with Australians. Well, I guess all that is out the window! I tend to get in to stuff about a year and a half after they are all popular - US TD list in 2014! - EW kinda makes sense, right?

How did this all come to pass? Well, I got a very, very good deal on some box sets. I managed to pick up the German Light Panzer Company and the French Tank Combat Squadron dirt cheap. I figured that I could sell the French box set -- I still have not done this -- and just keep the Germans. Everyone hates Early War - sounds perfect for me! I really am getting in to it for a couple of reasons:

Yeah, well, I got a deal! In fact, I got a great deal on all the things I need to put together some sort of force. I picked up all this stuff for about 50% of retail overall:

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Bolt Action - AAR: Fawcett Avenue Conscripts Rock Dieppe!

For those of you that haven't heard of them, the Fawcett Avenue Conscripts gaming group put on a spectacular looking game simulating Dieppe with the Bolt Action rules! Dieppe Game Report - Bolt Action Rules

Check 'em out! It's a good batrep!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Know Your Enemy - LW Heer Panther

Know Thy Enemy, and Thyself - LW Heer Panther!

Welcome to a continuing series of articles providing an in-depth mathematical analysis (or as I like to call it: Mathnalysis!) of individual units and their relative strengths and weaknesses on the Flames of War tabletop.

"It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle." - Sun Tzu (one of many translations from The Art of War)

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Bolt Action - AAR: Germans vs Soviets (15mm) Maximum Attrition

Here it is! Our first attempt at playing Bolt Action. This is going to be a bit rules light since I am overwhelmed with newness. We had to thumb through the rulebook quite a bit, but I feel good that we came to resolution with everything fine. We weren't left with any outstanding questions per se, more like we just forgot to apply things. All in all, I really liked the way Bolt Action played! We were both always engaged. No down time. I mean, except for all the going down our troops did!

 I forget the exact points each side had, but it was around 950 per side.

 Playing in 15mm with the guys on bases really was not difficult at all. We had to track when specific weapon teams died, but was easily accomplished by placing one of Litko's "Obviously Dead" tokens over the figure. All of the squads were correct to their models*, so only occasionally did we need to look closely to see who was an SMG and who was a rifle!

 *The only exception was the mortar observer was only 1 man (not 2 as represented on the board), and the 45mm AT Gun was manned by 2 people (not 3 as represented on the board). The mission we played was Maximum Attrition.  Our forces enter the board as they are activated, with some having the option for being in reserve.  Some of those reserve units can wait and attempt a flank move.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Ersatz StuGs and Panthers

During the Battle of the Bulge, famed Nazi Commando Otto Skorzeny and the 150th SS Panzer Brigade were tasked with capturing bridges over the Meuse River before allied forces could destroy them. As a part of their efforts, Skorzeny used captured allied uniforms and equipment. Requests for captured allied equipment sent to other German units fell short of the numbers needed for the Brigade. Of the 15 allied tanks requested, only 2 Shermans could be found, and the Brigade was flooded with Russian equipment by formations that did not understand the request was for American equipment.


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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rota Razvedki M3A1 Armored Transports

This project took me a really long time!  It held up the rest of my painting queue for quite a while.  But, I am proud of the end result!
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Read my Blog!

I'm starting my own blog for my musings on war-games mechanics:

As you might have noticed, I'm a bit of rules tinkerer.  For the last few years, as I've been playing Flames of War, I've been thinking about how to take some of its strengths to other settings.  In particular, I really love space fantasy universes, like Warhammer 40k or Star Wars.  At first, I started by experimenting with adapting Flames of War to the 40k universe.  You can see some of the results here and here.  I quickly realized, however, that a space fantasy setting requires a completely new set of rules to handle things like tough monsters, giant robots, and powered armor.  So I started writing one.

Building a Better Wargame showcases my ongoing work on this project. Each post will present or revise draft rules for some aspect of the game, along with my design notes and musings. Eventually, the posts will add up to a complete rules set.  I may also veer off topic and discuss other things related to game mechanics and game design.

I hope you will visit and enjoy.

-- Tom "Mad Dog" de Mayo

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A World Aflame Review

A World Aflame Review
A World Aflame: Interwar Wargame Rules 1918-39 by Paul Eaglestone consists of a loose rules framework for players who wish to play scenarios in real (or fictional) wars of the 20s and 30s.  A World Aflame is very much a do-it-yourself sort of game.  The rules are simple and flexible, but players must supply their own background, army designs, and scenarios.

The game has no set scale, but seems most oriented towards 28mm skirmish.  Units are described by their equipment, a Morale and an Initiative rating. A World Aflame uses an alternating activation system -- units with a better Initiative activate faster.  Hence they are more desirable.

The rules focus primarily on infantry, and seem pretty standard.  Roll some D6s, and check results against a target number.  There are rules for vehicles, but this isn't really a tank game.  (Indeed, a single tank or armored car seems a formidable addition to the force.)  Many of the rules have a strong element of chance to them - especially those dealing with vehicles and explosives.

The other major mechanic consists of a deck of Chance cards. These can be used to introduce air, snipers, extra ammunition, and strange events. The sample Chance cards are for the Spanish Civil War - and include such "events" as a Republican unit complaining to its HQ about sexism!

A few of the rules seem a bit fiddly for my taste.  I can't imagine that keeping track of each unit's ammunition would be much fun, for example.  Nor do I much wish to remember which location has a telephone before being able to issue new orders.  Maybe that's just a matter of my gaming preference, though.

A World Aflame contains a sample scenario and some sample units, but it lacks the army lists, point values, and generic scenarios Flames of War players may have come to expect.  As such, A World Aflame isn't really suitable for "bring and battle" games or open tournaments.  Each game requires someone to do the work of coming up with a scenario and supplying suitable forces -- great if that's your thing.  Not so great if you like a little more structure out of the book.

One of the most interesting aspects of the game thus receives relatively little attention -- alternate and real history and forces for the 20s and 30s!  The game was designed for a fictional British Civil War, and the illustrations show obscure historical forces with weird uniform badges and symbols.  More, please!

The Bottom Line

Whether A World Aflame will appeal to WWPD readers really depends on what kind of Flames of War gamer you are.  If you are drawn to the aesthetics of the interwar period and prefer a loose, random game system, you may like it a lot.  If you are a competitive player, who likes the structure of army lists, point values, and predictable game mechanics, this is not your game.

Tom has become somewhat of a rules philospher here at WWPD HQ- check out his own thoughts on how to build a better wargame on his blog:

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A World Aflame Review

A World Aflame Review
A World Aflame: Interwar Wargame Rules 1918-39 by Paul Eaglestone consists of a loose rules framework for players who wish to play scenarios in real (or fictional) wars of the 20s and 30s.  A World Aflame is very much a do-it-yourself sort of game.  The rules are simple and flexible, but players must supply their own background, army designs, and scenarios.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Episode 42 and After Hours Now Live!

The gents are back!  Steven and Luke talk about their recent experience at Guns of August, Jon brings Steven a few Mojitos back from Aruba, we talk about Bolt Action .Net, and our new premium episode "Know the Mission!"  But wait!  There's More!  We also talk about the "Ambush" special rule, and Jon covers a book: "The Clay Pigeons of St. Lo".  Talk aout a monster episode!  Make sure to come back for After Hours- it's  a good one!

0:00- ACT I: Intro, AAR
1:14- ACT II: Ambush, Network Partners
1:47- ACT III: Preview of Anatoli's September Campaign, Rules Wonkiness, Clay Pigeons of St. Lo
Links discussed in this episode:

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Face painting is not just for kids...

Why Bother?
Flames of War is played on a table top where infantry are seen from three feet away and so you might ask yourself "Why you would bother with detailing a soldier's face?" Firstly I would like to confirm your thoughts and remark straight away that you don't have to. In fact I have found that it's with normal highlighting and shading that you can get the most "pop" out of a soldier's face on the table top. However, I really enjoy the modelling aspect of this hobby and so when it comes time to painting infantry, I go all out. This doesn't mean you should do the same for every soldier, however there may be that one character, general, or commander that you feel deserves the royal treatment.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Homemade Terrain: Vineyards

One way to give your vanilla battlefield more style is by mixing in small amounts of unquie terrain.  This can help your battlefield capture an authentic regional look or give it the eye candy that makes the game more aesthetically enjoyable.


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Bolt Action - Planning My First Forces!

When I decided to get into Bolt Action, I planned to make two opposed armies so I can run games with my friends.  As I have absolutely zero suitable 28mm Western Europe terrain, and I want me battles to look good for battle reports, I decided to go with my favorite campaign- the war in North Africa!  Obviously the armies presented in the books are geared towards late war, but much of the equipment was available in early '43 so that's when I'll be solidly basing my armies.

I've decided that I want British rifles and German Panzergrenadiers.  I'm going to do both veteran, and ultimately since these will be starter forces designed to help teach people (myself included!) how to play, I'm going to make the lists fairly similar to each other.

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Battlefront Königstiger (GBX69) Review

Battlefront sent us a new box set - Königstiger (GBX69) - for review. I had seen the previews of this and I really wanted to get my brushes on it!

The sculpt looked very nice. It is big and chunky and did not have much flashing. The tracks looked very good and had a remarkable lack of flashing as well. The model did grow a shade longer over previous versions that I own. I also thought that the faces on these models were very well done and more detailed than previous models.

I don't know why everything is turning out super-yellow and has a shine in my pics lately. The tank is darker than appears and does not shine in person. (Editor: This is why.)

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Picture Dump from Guns of August 2012

Guns of August 2012 has come and gone, and Luke and I made the short hop to Williamsburg VA to participate in the FOW tournament offerings!  Dave Dietrich ran two Flames of War events: a Friday night 750 pt tournament, and a Saturday 1750.  Both tournaments were 3 rounds with every mission being Free For All!  To hear more about our tournament experiences, make sure to listen to episode 42 of our podcast!

A Bolt Action demo game.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bolt Action - Orders, Sir?

There are few things in this world I enjoy more than breaking open a brand new rulebook and wrapping my head around all its intricacies. I'm sure that sounds sadistic to some of you, but for those like-minded individuals out there, you understand the sense of satisfaction I'm talking about. A request was recently made on our forum by "braxen" for a general explanation of how the game plays, and since at this game's core is it's unique order system, I decided to start by writing about those orders.

Shots of the beautiful work of Gary "big-gazza" Martin have been included to spice things up. Check out his blog here.

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Firestorm: German 2.SS vs Rota Razvedki

After the fall of Vitebsk, the North thrust of the Soviet advance was back in supply, and knocking on Minsk's doorstep!

The Germans won the initiative for round 3, and elected to attack from Lepel to Polotsk, despite Lepel being cut off from Supply. Sean is lucky, however, and suffers no ill effects from being cut off!

Victory in Polotsk will again cutoff the tip of the Soviet spear. With no firestorm troops in Polotsk, the Soviets fight at a slight disadvantage!

The mission is Fighting Withdrawal. Sorry for the poor lighting, I didn't have my good lighting available.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Black Beards Raiding Aces

Some of us here at WWPD have caught a bit of desert fever, those that frequent the forums will know why. I'm no exception and decided to begin a small raiding force, which will be followed by a small 8th Army force and a Small Afrika corps force.

I decided to go with the SAS, the jeeps just look cooler then the chevs of the LRDG and I can't quite bring myself to play any other nation just yet.

4 blisters of SAS jeeps will get you 8 jeeps in total, enough to make a small, under strength, starting force. SonBae posted a full review of the SAS here.
However, there's only two sculpts for the jeeps and only one sculpt each of the driver and gunner, which leaves the Jeeps looking almost identical. No problem!

An SAS Patrol tares through a small village.
“Two sculpts for the jeeps and only one sculpt each of the driver and gunner"

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stripping Miniatures 101

So let's talk about stripping. You can make some pretty good cash at it, although it will get you some weird looks from bank tellers when you deposit all those ones. 

Stripping painted miniatures is a different story. It requires far less effort. I constantly hear stories of people using simple green, or brake cleaner, or some other random supply, and how they have to soak it over night, and scrub at it with a brush or needle to get the figure clean. And how plastic figures have melted, yada.

I'm going to present my method. Disclaimer that I did this soak in an ultrasonic cleaner which speeds the process up a little bit. The minis finish stripping in about five minutes in the ultrasonic, whereas without they took about 15, but there is no different in quality.

I present:

Dawn Power Dissolver. A dishwater presoak/additive. In the US, it can be purchased at Walmart. About $5 for two bottles. It's a gel-like consistency. I just remove the top and pour rather than spraying it.

A pretty terrible pre-stripping picture. Taken under bathroom lights. The two Dropzone Commander APCs are basecoated in Vallejo German Fieldgray with a few different highlight attempts in various colors and styles. They were also given a wash with future afterwards, adding a semi-varnish shell. The figures were much darker than this picture gives off. I soaked them in the Dawn Power Dissolve for five minutes....

...and this is what they looked like. No brushing, scrubing, just a rinse under the faucet. The paint literally melted off. I then left them in the mixture for a few hours while I drove all over NoVa looking for airbrush thinner (another rank altogether) and ended up with....

Pretty much spotless. There's a little gray resident in the wheel wells and the vents in the back that I could scrub out if I cared to, but I don't.

There you have it. My method of stripping miniatures. Super quick and a great quality.

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German Grey SD KFZ 251/1Cs

Just a quick update today to show off some painting Dirty Jon did for me.  I've been fairly swamped lately, so these guys have been sitting on my painting desk for way too long.  Finally dirty Jon made a deal with me- he'd paint my 10 sd kfz 251/1C halftracks for me if I assembled 8 Plastic Bondi Warriors for his Saga Vikings.  I agreed, although I forgot how much I hate assembling plastics so he probably got the better end of the deal.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

WWPD Partner Picks for August 11th, 2012

Frozen Gamer AK: Battlefront Stuarts
Our buddy Craig Baxter puts together 5 Battlefront M5A1 Stuarts, Lead by the ghost of their namesake.  With a well done homage to the Ghost Tank, and a convincing paint job on the unruly wraith, Craig's post is great fun!  Make sure to watch the FPSRussia video he's included.  Now I want some White Castle.  Actually, now that I think about... no I don't.  That place sucks.

Dispatches From the Front: Panzer Brigade 101

Lots of great WIP and final pictures of a Panzer Brigade being constructed and painted.  Some really great paint jobs on these guys!  Good tutorial to follow if you plan to paint a whole mess of panthers for yourself.

Da Gamer's Table: Home Made Stowage Rolls
This tutorial on making stowage rolls, camo tarps, and other various gypsy-like sundries to hang on your tanks is very good... but it's the 2 Soviet Soldiers urging you on in the captions that make this a standout piece!  Thanks Brendon for the great tutorial and some solid laughs!

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Friday, August 10, 2012

FLGS Spotlight: The Foundry in Huntsville Alabama

We have heard Steve, Dirty Jon and Luke lament on previous WWPD podcasts about the lack of an FLGS where they live and how they have to travel to The Game Vault to get a true FLGS experience. But what is this FLGS experience of which they speak?  Is the FLGS a rare thing?  Is it nothing but a myth?  Does it exist and is like Sasquatch or Nessie and just realllyreallyreaaaaaaaally hard to find?
To start this journey we need to define a full service FLGS.  The way I see it for a store to be an FLGS it boils down to a 4 key attributes:

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bolt Action - US Airborne Lt


     Welcome to the first of many postings regarding WIPS aka Works In Progress. I am Joe ... aka Mezz ... of WWPD welcoming all of you to a new adventure of 28 mm Bolt Action Rules System.

     My first units to be assembled are a box set of US Airborne.  I decided to do one figure at a time to get my methods of assembly and painting straight.  First up will be our Lt.

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Know Your Enemy - LW Wiking Panther!

Know Thy Enemy, and Thyself - LW Wiking Panther!

Welcome to a new series of articles providing an in-depth mathematical analysis (or as I like to call it: Mathnalysis!) of individual units and their relative strengths and weaknesses on the Flames of War tabletop.

"It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle." - Sun Tzu (one of many translations from The Art of War)

While the roll of the D6 prevents us from 'knowing' with 100% certainty, Sun Tzu makes it clear that intelligence is the key to winning the fight. Knowing when to engage, when not to engage, when the odds are in your favor or against you are all key to playing well. This series aims to arm you, the player, with the information necessary to make the best decisions possible and lead you to victory.

Today's topic: LW Wiking Panthers!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More Skavens

More skavens for Pride of Lions. This is more than enough characters than I will ever need. Still need to work on more units, but I'm out of bases. And rats. While the rats are great, Splintered Light doesn't really package them for Pride of Lions, so buying a "pack" doesn't even give enough for one unit. I currently have five units ready (1 Slinger, 2 Clanrats, 2 Rat Ogres). Hopefully that will be enough to get a feel for the game.

This is my company commander. Three rats on a 40mm base.

These guys are random heroes. Cheap, disposable, raises a units dice level by one.

Grey seers, or spell casters. Not that I needed four, but Splintered Light gives me one for each Rat Ogre I

Two rats on a 25mm base. For my 2ic. The one in the back is the same figure as the heroes above. The one in the front will be used for my Assassins (unit champions), but painted in black on a single 20mm square base. 

Tomorrow my Dropzone Commander stuff arrives, so I'll get some pictures of that up soon. Hopefully I can do a full unboxing with pictures. Sadly, only my PHR will arrive, so until the UCM ships out, I won't be able to get any battle reports up. That's fine though, cause I have lots of projects on the side!

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