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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WWPD News From the Front Episode 40 and After Hours!

The dude's discuss the last 40 episodes, the future, and Devil's Charge!  The train derails almost immediately- like usual!  Let Steve, Luke, and Dirty Jon reminesce a bit before talkin' Peiper, The Bloody Bucket, and much more!  
  • 0:00- ACT I: Intro, AAR, A look back
  • 0:50- ACT II: JP Interview recap, Devil's Charge!
  • 1:39- ACT III: Jon Reviews Hitler's Gladiator, Army lists predictions and discussion
Links discussed in this episode:
After Hours!
After Hours Now Live!
The dudes talk Prometheus, Early War, and general Haberdashery.  Cut loose with the dudes- have a beer on us!  Literally on us.  gross!

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