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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tale of 2 Cities, Week 4 - Joe's US Armor Company

Greetings troops,

Week 4 ... what a fast ride for raising the army.  In case you have forgotten my whole list, here is a friendly reminder from !

  Confident    Veteran   Medium Tank Company (2nd A.D.) USA Late-War
Medium Tank Company HQ (2nd A.D.) p.201
2M4 or M4A1 Sherman180
Combat Platoons
Meduim Tank Platoon (76mm) (2nd A.D.) p.202
5M4A1 (76mm) Sherman550
Medium Tank Platoon (2nd A.D.) p.201
3M4 or M4A1 Sherman270
Weapons Platoons
Armored Mortar Platoon (2nd A.D.) p.203
Cmd Carbine team
M2 half-track with .50 cal AA MG
M4 81mm MMC
Divisional Support
Tank Destroyer Platoon Confident  Trained   p.231
Cmd Carbine team
Jeep with .50 cal AA MG
Carbine team
M20 Utility
M-10 3in GMC
Engineer Combat Platoon (2nd A.D.) p.213
Cmd Pioneer Rifle team
Jeep with .50 cal AA MG
Pioneer Rifle team
M1917 HMG team
Company Points:1625 Source document: Turning Tide (D-Day)

     The last units up for review are my 76mm Shermans and the M4A1 Shermans of the HQ and 2nd platoon.  Bring on Detroit's finest !

NameMobilityFrontSideTopEquipment and Notes
  Weapon RangeROFAnti-tankFirepower
M4 or M4A1 ShermanFully-tracked641Co-ax MG, Hull MG, .50 cal AA MG.
  M3 75mm gun32"/80cm2103+Smoke, Stabiliser.
M4A1 (76mm) ShermanFully-tracked741Co-ax MG, Hull MG, .50 cal AA MG, Protected ammo.
  M1 76mm gun32"/80cm2123+Stabliser.

     The HQ and the 3 tank platoon will be operating in the same area to offer support.  These tanks are M4A1s and resemble most of the same traits as their larger "brother". They have frontal armor of 6, side armor of 4 and top armor of 1. Firepower remains at 3+ and a  ROF of 2.  I will be using these as flank attacks and harassing infantry.

     The 76mm Shermans are a platoon of 5 tanks.  These tanks are decently armored with 7 frontal, 4 side and 1 top armor ratings. Their AT is a decent 12 and ROF of 2.  Firepower is a moderate 3+.  Don't forget to add in protected ammo and a 50 cal AA MG. These tanks are the major strike of my armor hammer.  Tank destroyers and infantry provide a powerful support role to these armor beast.

    Some units I look forward to adding to my future US forces are artillery, whether towed or mobile. Armored rifles platoons and an AOP.  I also on adding some airborne infantry in support roles in the near future.  Thank you for your time and reading our Tales of 2 Cities!

Joe ... aka Mezz

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