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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tale of 2 Cities - Week 4: Dirty Jon's Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers

In my last article, I talked a ton of strategy for the list. This week, I want to talk about how to use the troops you already have to build a flexible force for multiple companies, fronts and time periods!
Adding Nebelwerfers is a great way to get a cheap platoon for pinning and smoking!

Here is a quick reminder of my list:

East Front
The East Front in both Mid and Late war is a great place to play this list. Everything in this list can be used in multiple Companies in Late-War's Grey Wolf! Other than the King Tiger, all of the items in the list can be re-used in the Mid-War Ostfront book as well.

Although we already have the Panzerwerfers, I very much recommend adding a battery of Nebelwerfers. Steven and I are big fans of this unit. It is very cheap - clocking in around 100 points - because it has no extras. This unit is great for pinning and smoke -- that's it! This will also allow you to bring rockets in the many plain-old Grenadier unit lists, as they usually do not have access to Panzerwerfers. Pin the heck out of those hordes of Infantry!
Steve-O and I love these guys. No gun shields, only 3 guns, 1 observer -- cheap, cheap, cheap!

Fighting the mighty Red Bear, you are likely come up against some heavy armor in both Mid and Late War. We need to add some Anti-Tank punch to the list and I recommend the venerable PAK 40. With their high AT, ability to storm trooper, and appearance in just about every Mid and Late War German list - these are a great thing to have on the shelf. You will find these invaluable in fighting the heavy KV and IS Series tanks. If you have these dug in and gone to ground, they will be impossible to hit from over 16" and be a 6 to hit, with a 3+ save within 16". Spring these with an Ambush, or open up from point-blank range to really put a hurting on heavy tanks.

PAK 40s are great supporting any type of Grenadier.

Western Front
This force has already seen the US and British Allies in action, but it is worth building in some flexibility for this list - who wants to be a one-trick pony?

For my money, the Panzer III M just cannot be beat. There are some haters out there, but I really like this unit. For LATE, Late-War, these will be of little use. You do see them featured in Dogs & Devils, and they can certainly be used in Mid War. I really like this unit for shooting up light US armor - M10s, Stuarts, half tracks, etc. With ROF 3 and AT 9, they can really bring the heat in return-fire or in digging out infantry and gun teams.

A flexible and dangerous unit - do not dismiss the power of the Panzer III.

Another solid choice for the list is the Panzer IV H. This is a very popular choice and in many, many lists - you will get no end of use for these guys. The 'German Sherman' does workman-like duty vs. allied armor and infantry. With recent (small) price breaks, this unit is getting more attractive later in the war. Paired with the 4 StuGs, this can give you 2 very mobile (thanks, storm trooper!), and high AT (11) assets. Both are also equipped with Schürzen to deal with pesky Ami Bazookas.

Workhorse of the German army.

With the advent of the super-cheaty US Tank Destroyers -- IM KIDDING! -- you must have some flexible Recce option with facing the Americans. For this, I suggest adding in an 8-rad unit. This platoon is very small, very cheap, and can help you prevent US TDs and ambushes with their 8" bubble of non-Ambushy goodness. With their Jeep movement, you can have these guys all over the place guarding flanks, threatening artillery in the rear and all kinds of general annoyance and trouble for your opponent. I have had good success with the Recce move - especially on roads - and using these little guys to foil enemy plans.
Where are those TDs?.

Well, I hope that gives you some ideas on how to expand this force. It really is a flexible core and can give you a multitude of lists and options for your Flames of War force. I have had fun building and discussing this list. For more discussion, head on over to the forums!

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