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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Soviet T-70 Company

Just a quick post today showcasing some painting I recently finished!  These are 10x Soviet T-70s.  

Clocking in at 200 points for 10, these guys are cheap as chips!  Their armor is nothing to write home about and their gun is all but useless (It's ROF 1, meaning Hen & Chicks makes it unusable on the move with a +2 to hit!)
But their assets are their 1 MG and their wide tracks!
I like to think of these guys as heavily armored infantry that can move fast and never be pinned.
As for the painting, I just used my standard style.  Base coat of Camo Olive Green (Vallejo 70894) over black spray.  Highlighted with Green Grey, black lined, weathered with flat earth.  Very simple.  Not sure I like the red stars with white outline, but I have so many of them I wanted to use em up!
The T-70 has front 4, side 2, top 1.  1 co-ax MG.  The gun is ROF 1, AT 7, FP 4+ with 24" range.  The obr 1943 version has wide tracks.

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