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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Measuring Sticks and Flight Stands by Corsec Engineering

Corsec Engineering, makers of all kinds of neat odds and ends for use in gaming, send us some measuring sticks and flight stands for review!
The stuff

All the parts included with their flight stand
We'll start by taking a look at their flight stand.  This flight stand is fully compatable with their extensive Omni-Stand system that essentially allows you to extend altitude in increments, as well as attach different adapters to the top to fit a wide variety of needs.

The particular flight stand pictured starts with their Aerial Support Base which is specifically made to hold an airplane die for use with Flames of War.  Next, is a 1.5" Omni Stand.  These stands are threaded on both ends so you can extend them to show altitude.  Finally, there are a variety of "toppers".  Here you see one of my Check Your 6! planes mounted on a sphere magnet allowing you flexibility in the aircraft's facing.

Sphere magnet

Pictured here is a small mount ideal for smaller miniatures.
Small, discrete mount.
Which brings me to the mounting peg.  Ideally these would probably be drilled into and attached to the miniatures, but I found the extra height made them work out okay with my existing magnets.  As a bonus, the post itself is not magnetized, which is good since my Flames of War planes are all of the same polarity (which is opposite of the cool ball-mount you saw above with my CY6 planes!)
The steel post

Vroom vroom!
The only drawback with not having these actually drilled into the model is that it isn't super sturdy.  The plane is fine, but tipping it too far will make the plane fall.  Not a big deal- I am using them in a way they're not intended after all.
But the real joy is the little seat for the plane die!

And here it is next to the Flames of War stand.
The stands are nice, and inexpensive.  I also like their flexibility.  The stand as assembled above is around $4USD.  Useful for Flames of War to be sure, but for any kind of flying mounts where you need a bunch of them, their low cost and flexibility makes them a really attractive solution.  They aren't quite as aesthetically pleasing, but the functionality makes them very competetive.

Now on to the measuring sticks!  Included is a 16" and a 6" stick.

Similar to the omni stands, each individual piece of the omni-ruler is threaded so you can quickly get any distance you'd like.  Each segment is 1", and come in 2 flavors: "segment" and "end cap".  You can mix and match colors to build your own sets.  Check them out on their site here: Omni-Ruler

They're light weight (so won't scratch your models), easy to work with, and attractive.  I *really* like these measuring sticks and plan to use them exclusively for Saga.  In fact, I can't think of anything that'd make these guys better.
4", 6", 12".  Perfect for Saga!
In conclusion these are some really great accessories to pick up!  They're very affordable, attractive, and useful.  Can't go wrong!

Flight Stands: 7/10 bi-planes.
Omni-Ruler: 14/14 Norman Knights.

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