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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Historicon 2012 ... and a new adventure

Greetings troops !

     Joe Mezz here typing to you.  I was able to get to Historicon this year and hang out with the gang.  I want to send my sincere and heartfelt thanks to my WWPD bros and awesome followers that I was able to meet and talk to at the convention. It was an awesome experience and I am sure to attend next year !

     Being my first MAJOR convention I decided not to sign up for any tournaments and just wander the convention and take in the sites.  I arrived Saturday morning and met the boys at the hotel.  We ventured over early since Steve had Nationals and the others were hitting the flea market for part of the day.

     The overall facility was really nice.  The gaming area was huge! But it got very noisy when the crowds picked up.  I can imagine it would be hard to host a large game and communicate with anyone numbering larger than 4 at a table.  Various smaller rooms had games going on and seemed less effected as the large acoustic hall.

     The vendor area was fantastic.  I walked it numerous times and planned my purchases accordingly.  Oddly enough I didn't go with what I planned on before the convention.  Saga? Force on Force? Flames of War?  Negative ... but more on that later.

     I believe there were 86 participants in Nationals this year ! Our very own Steve-O placed 7th overall ! Congrats to Steve-O.

     The podcast in the evening was fantastic.  We had about 70 participates.  Door prizes were won by many lucky listeners.  I would like to thank them all for showing up and being great sports !

All set up !

Getting Ready ...

Show time !

     Some of you may know that Osprey Publishing has teamed up with Warlord Games to produce 28mm wargame rules for its 28mm line.  I love Warlord's figures and thought about it (slept on it) and decided to go that route with my purchases.  I demoed the rules on Saturday, then again with Steve on Sunday and got hooked.  I also picked up US Airborne and German FJ units from Warlord.

The LAST one at the convention !

22 German FJs ... I couldn't find regular Army guys

21 US Airborne troops .... beautiful sculpts

      My other convention scores included a pint container (all you could fit) of 30mm Gale force 9 bases for 10 bucks ! As well as a foundry barbarian I plan on using for my SAGA Viking Warlord for 1 dollar! A World of Tanks Girl calendar (for work's locker), 6 - 28mm German FJs for 5 dollars in the flea market and the LAST copy of Bolt Action's Rulebook.

My haul ...

      Look forward to some reviews of the Bolt Action Rules here soon on WWPD as well as some WIPS.

Thanks for reading this Noob's first convention report.  Keep the Paint flowing and Dice rolling.

Joe ... aka "Mezz"

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