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Monday, July 2, 2012

French Compagnie De Combat vs German Mittlere Panzers!

Sean and I hadn't played an Early War battle in quite a while, and so decided to give it a shot. Because I forced Sean to take my newly painted kradschutzen in any list he ran, I gave him a few extra points to account for their shakedown cruise. The French list was rolled for at the beginning of the game from a list of 6. Unfortunately, I think this meant the match up was left somewhat unexciting. The battle itself was not terribly exciting either, though it did generate some pretty pictures! So with that in mind, I am not doing the standard battle report format, instead highlighting just the photographs.

The mission is The Cauldron.  

Steven's Compagnie De Combat
  • HQ: 1 Char B1
  • 3x Char B1
  • 3x Hotchkiss H39 (long)
  • 3x Hotchkiss H39 (long)
  • 3x Hotchkiss H39 (1 long, 2 short)
  • Colonial Infantry Platoon
  • 5x Panhards
Sean's Mittlere Panzers
  • HQ: 2x Panzer III e
  • 4x Panzer III e
  • 4x Panzer II (early)
  • Full Kradschutzen
  • 2x 6-rads
  • 2x 6-rads
  • 4x Panzer Is
  • Stuka Schwerepunkt

The board.  This is right after Sean's immediate ambush- initially he had no units covering the objective on the left hand hill, which is why 2 of my units are right on top of it!  D'oh!

Hotchkiss chillin behind a hedge

Panzer IIs ready to go where needed

Company command and recovery vehicle

Panzer IIIs ambush right on the objective!


The Steel Colossus

Sean has the first turn so his air strikes one of his only valid targets

Panzer IIs join the C/O

Panzer IIIs sight in on their target

And let loose- hammering the Hotchkiss...

...and run the platoon...

...before pulling back out of the sites of the Chars.

Hotchkiss position themselves in cover, ready to receive the german formation

French reserves arrive!

Turn 2

Air again swoops in on a Char B1. But as before, it does nothing.

Who recovers the recoverer?

Chars push for the objective

Panzer IIs come out swinging and bail a Hotchkiss!

Panzer IIIs withdraw, with the 2iC bravely staying behind

The french return fire

Tearing into the early Panzer IIs

The panzer IIs must make a morale check- which they pass.

A Char nails a Panzer III

Turn 3

Air comes screaming in on the Panhards.

The 2iC abandons the objective- it isn't hot until 6 anyway.  Sean is going to go after what he can kill.

And this time manages to... bail one.  Sean rolled a 1 for firepower!

Panzer IIs recover and pull back

Chars rolling over the hill.

Kings of the hill.

French infantry arrives

Chars keep on keepin' on

Objectives still aren't quite hot

Planes find a great target!

More Hotchkiss arrive!

Panhards and Hotchkiss hound the enemy

And eliminate the Panzer IIs

Even the poor recovery vehicle

The battle over here is hopeless for the germans

Kradschutzen arrive!


Vroom vroom!

Panzer IIIs shift focus

With french reserves piling in, and things looking bleak for the germans- we call the game.  
Sean tries to call this a French victory, but in actuality we've been playing for a while.  Though the objectives are about to go hot, Sean can "feed" the objectives for a while, keeping him in the game and running the clock.  Though there's no draws in Flames of War, I prefer to consider this one a draw.  Take that, rules as written!

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