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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Devil's Charge! SS Panzers vs US Perimeter Outpost

I got our copies of Devil's Charge in the mail and within 15 minutes was setting up a board for us to play on! Sean and I decided to set up a fairly historical board and scenario, knowing it would be difficult for the Germans. But Sean wouldn't refuse the challenge so off we went! US Perimeter Outpost vs SS Panzer Kamfgruppe! Originally we had the central bridge intact, but I traded in my AT Obstacle to have it blown. The river was Very difficult with difficult ford crossings.

SS Panzerkamfgruppe
  • HQ King Tiger (Rapid Fire, Every Shot Counts)
  • 1x King Tiger (Clever Hans)
  • 5x Panzer IV J
  • 3x Panther G
  • 3x Pumas
  • Sporadic ME262 (Played by an HS-129)
  • 1 Skorzeny Commando unit
US Perimeter Outpost
  • HQ (RV)
  • Perimeter Outpost Platoon w/ 4 rifle teams, 3 bazookas, 1 LMG, 1 57mm and fortifications
  • Perimeter Outpost Platoon w/ 4 rifle teams, 3 bazookas, 1 LMG, 1 57mm and fortifications
  • AT Obstacle, Mine Field
  • AT Platoon w/ 6 Bazookas (RV)
  • 81mm Mortar Platoon w/ 4 tubes (RV)
  • Cav Recon (CT)
  • Tank Platoon w/ 1 Jumbo, 2 M4A3 76s, 1 M4A3 late (CT)
  • M10 TD Platoon (CT)
  • AAA w/ 2 Bofors, 2 .50 cals (CV)


The board

Sean's Skorzeny Commandos sow confusion

A Rifle team patrols the road before jumping the trenches at the sight of the approaching panzers!

A 57mm gun is sighted overlooking the ford

King Tiger!

Pumas scout the farm road

The blown bridge


Hen and Chicks.

Hans von Dietrich, veteran of the Eastern Front.

Tiger 201.

SS Panzerkamfgruppe
    US Perimeter Outpost
    • Tank Platoon
    • Cav Recon
    • AAA
    • Mortars

    SS Panzerkamfgruppe: Panthers are deployed in the right flank. The left flank is the HQ King Tiger and 5 Panzer IVs. Pumas and a King Tiger take up the center.
    US Perimeter Outpost: One Perimeter Platoon on each bridge. M10s are deployed on the board with the security sections stretching along the front. AT Platoon in ambush.

    TURN 1

    ME 262s come screaming in over the tree tops (Sorry for the proxy!)

    Panthers move through the wood

    Pumas find that the bridge is blown!

    Panzer IVs crush a wire obstacle before preparing to enter the minefield.

    US TD Security Section moves to the right flank

    Sean's Skorzeny Commando moves to the rear area to funnel reserves.

    SS Panzerkamfgruppe
      US Perimeter Outpost

        TURN 1 SUMMARY
        SS Panzerkamfgruppe: General Advance!
        US Perimeter Outpost: Everyone keeps their heads down. Sean is very wise in his use of the Skorzeny unit, all but ensuring my tanks will be funneled towards his King Tiger with ROF 3, re-roll misses!

        TURN 2

        Turn 2

        The hastily laid mines take their toll.

        Panthers reach the ford.

        Hans Von Dietrich crosses the mines.

        The Panthers open fire, but the US are dug in tight.

        US tanks arrive from reserve. Jumbos lead the way!

        Bazooka and 57mm rounds pummel the bridge, but the Panzer IVs escape unscathed!


        SS Panzerkamfgruppe
        • Panzer IVs: 2 tanks
        US Perimeter Outpost

          TURN 2 SUMMARY
          SS Panzerkamfgruppe: Panzer IVs suffer on the mine field. Everything else advances with Panthers grinding up to the ford before deciding to try to blast the US for a turn or two.
          US Perimeter Outpost: Tanks arrive from reserve, and the boys on the US right flank open up on the Panzer IVs to no effect.

          TURN 3

          Turn 3!

          More German air!

          Thanks to Clever Hans, Tiger 201 pushes across the river!

          A 3rd Panzer IV blows up on a mine.

          The objective is so tantalizingly close!

          US Cav Recon arrives from reserve

          M10s spring their ambush as the tanks roll forward!

          Predictably, the Panzer IVs are no more.

          SS Panzerkamfgruppe
          • Panzer IVs: DESTROYED
          US Perimeter Outpost

            TURN 3 SUMMARY
            SS Panzerkamfgruppe: Sean keeps pressing forward, but can't score any damage on the dug in infantry
            US Perimeter Outpost: M10s and Shermans spring on the right flank wiping out the Panzer IVs.

            TURN 4

            Turn 4

            Even more planes! I think Sean must have connections in the Luftwaffe.

            "Gunner, right". 3 Shermans including the jumbo fall to the viscious long 88!

            "Reverse! Reverse!- " BOOM!

            An M10 and the last M4A3 76 are bailed.


            The US suffer one casualty before pushing the king tiger back.

            The AT platoon springs their ambush!

            They wade into the cold water to get a jump on the Pumas.

            Knocking one out and bailing the other! Unfortunately they can't get motivated to launch the assault.

            SS Panzerkamfgruppe
            • Panzer IVs: DESTROYED
            US Perimeter Outpost
            • Tanks: 3 tanks
            • Left Perimeter: 1 team

            TURN 4 SUMMARY
            SS Panzerkamfgruppe: King Tiger 200 eviscerates the US tank platoon while 201 crashes through the tree line and assaults!
            US Perimeter Outpost: A group of bazookas rush out to hit the Pumas, but their reluctance to fight sees them unable to followup (if only that King Tiger had been bailed!).

            TURN 5

            Even more planes!

            King Tiger 201 reverses behind the US line, keeping his front towards the AT platoon!

            While threatening the objective!

            Hans von Dietrich finishes his work and knocks out the last Sherman.

            The Pumas open up, knocking out a bazooka team.

            wow! 2 M10s up in smoke, another bailed! The survivors quickly flee the field

            Tiger 201 assaults the US position!

            But this time the bazookas do their job.

            Running low on time, the Panthers crash across the ford to assault. Unfortunately, the platoon is not pinned.

            The assault is stopped with 1 dead Panther, and 2 bailed.

            The Panthers are captured and finished off.

            The hulk of 201.

            The carnage on the road.

            Hans Von dietrich lives to fight another day.

            SS Panzerkamfgruppe
            • Panzer IVs: DESTROYED
            • King Tiger 201: DESTROYED
            • Panthers: DESTROYED
            US Perimeter Outpost
            • Tanks: DESTROYED
            • M10s: DESTROYED
            • AT Platoon: 1 team
            • Left Perimeter: 1 team

            TURN 5 SUMMARY
            SS Panzerkamfgruppe: Sean takes his shot and assaults with everything he can!
            US Perimeter Outpost:

            This was a rough fight for the Germans, but it sure made some pretty pictures!

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