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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pride of Lions Ratmen Army

Started work on my Pride of Lions Ratmen army. The figures are all Splintered Light. Just discovered these guys last week at Historicon and the figures are awesome. Just a quick basecoat and dip paintjob for them, and some hastily made movement trays from balsa. This is barely a start on a Pride of Lions army. Working on some characters next while I await bases to do more units.

Army Shot!

Some Rat Ogres


More Slingers


More Ratmen

Scale next to a GW Skaven Clanrat
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Modeling - Mud Effects

Most of us have a variety of styles when it comes to painting and modeling war game figures. Some of us prefer sharp lines with lots of crisp details while other of use like a more battle worn look. We even change our style of modeling between armies or even figures. For those who like the more worn, battle hardened look to their models, nothing makes them look like the have been fighting hard in the field like a little dirt and dust. Most of the time this look can be achieved with mild to heavy dry brushing using a variety of brown and grey paints around the tracks, tires and fenders of vehicles. This dry brushing makes the tanks appear to have been in the field for month’s, maybe even years.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Raiding Forces - Long Range Desert Group

What better raiding force to talk about next than the main opponent of the Autosahariana....the British Long Range Desert Group (LRDG).  The article on the Autosahariana can be found HERE

Who were the LRDG you ask?  First shame on you for not knowing this already.. I can understand not be familiar with the Autosahariana…but knowing about the LRDG!!   ;-)  But a quick look at Wikipedia ( for a summary of this elite unit:
The Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) was a reconnaissance and raiding unit of the British Army during the Second World War.
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Review: Crescent Root Church

Luke got me a Crescent Root Church for my birthday, and I just got around to painting it. I love this thing! I really needed a church for my Flames of War games. Steven has had one for a long time, and I had been coveting it for a while. In most of Steven's Batreps, you see Crescent Root buildings.

I sprayed this with fairly dark grey auto primer. For the stone areas, I did drybrush layers of: Dunklegelb, Khaki, Stone Grey, then some very light White.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mid/Late War FlaK 36 88s!

It is pretty hard to believe that I have been playing Germans in Flames of War for this long and never put together any 88s. I have always liked the models and have seen some really cool examples both in-person and on the Interwebs. I was lucky enough to find an old box suitable for Early, Middle and Late War in the Flea Marker at Cold Wars this past year. I think they were $25. Also, I got the REALLY old version that came with transport options and basically enough parts to make FOUR guns! I decided not to do four 88s (I have ANOTHER of the later boxed set) and to go ahead and make the transport versions later. Version 3 has made transports worthwhile and I wanted them available to me limbered.

The really cool thing about this platoon is that almost every list known to man can take them! Now, in Early War, 2 of these guys Confident Veteran can run you over 400 points - ouch! As you get in to Late War, the same thing can be had for under 200.

The Germans produced many thousands of these guns for the war, so it is about time I started learning how to use them!

I had to pick a time period for the guns. I figured that I would mostly use these guys for Mid War and Late War, so I decided to do them in a Dark Yellow without camouflage. I think that German Camo just screams LATE WAR, so I left them without. I will possibly do my other set in Grey.

I had to really plan this out. The gun models and bases are very detailed and hard to paint if completely assembled. I put the crew on popsicle sticks and painted them up (...though I forgot to do shoulder stripes - damn!). I assembled the guns completely (minus the gunner) and painted those up. The cruciform mount is part of the base, so I just went ahead and painted the entire base too. I used a red-brown primer for the base that just felt weird the whole time, but I think these turned out ok. I was thinking the brown would save me time over black.
I decided to do a full crew -- if you have an 8-man crew and pay the points, you get ROF 3. Why yes, thank you! I very carefully plotted the layout of the crew by looking at the box for a long time. The crew would have to go on together -- minus one guy in the back -- then the guns. I then took a large amount of super-glue to the bases and mounted the infantry. I quickly used brown ballast to make the bases blend. This worked ok, but I usually paint this stuff - verdict? I then went ahead and used the Sepia Wash on the base without the gun in the way. The last basing step was to apply some flocking from the Perpetual Bag of Flocking. I put the gun on and was done!

I think these turned out pretty well. I cannot wait to get these guys on the table and figure out how to use them. Thanks for looking!
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Friday, July 27, 2012

EW Warsaw AMB vs Leichte Panzerkompanie

This was my first battle using the Polish motorized brigade force and the first time my friend Thomas used his Leichte Panzerkompanie so it was really exciting.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tale of Two Cities Week 4: Tom's PzG Lehr

Tom's Panzergrenadiers Lehr

Week Four: Half-Tracks and Such.  Editor's note: Sorry for the delay on this post!  Historicon was a slight diversion!

It's time to finish up, and that means the half-tracks.  (And a Kubelwaggen.  Isn't there a Kubelwaggen in there somewhere? Whatever.)   

For the half-tracks, I will apply all the techniques for tanks on the tracks, and all the techniques for vehicles on the passengers.  The key here is endurance, since the army has over a dozen light vehicles to paint.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Episode 41 Live from Historicon!

The gentlemen are live at Historicon 2012!  We talk Flames of War Nationals, The Flames of War I-95 tournament, Saga, and a lot more!  Stick around for the 2nd part of the show as the guys decompress and lament how much stuff they bought!
  • 0:00- ACT I: Live from Historicon 2012!
  • 1:12- ACT II: The dudes, still worn out, talk about their growing mountain of lead!
Links discussed in this episode:
Editor's Note: Sorry the 2nd half is lower audio quality!  We recorded on a phone in my game room.  We couldn't get to the bunker in a timely fashion!

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Bolt Action - Welcome to Bolt Action Dot Net

The newest blog in the WWPD Network!  Come back for lots of content related to Bolt Action by Warlord Games and published by Osprey Publishing!


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Pictures from Historicon!

Here's a picture dump of some pictures Dirty Jon and I took at Historicon.  A lot of these were posted on our Twitter, so if you aren't following us- fix that!

Off we go!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Breaking! Historicon FOW Nats Results early look!

I'm sure Battlefront will post the full results on their Thursday update, but until then here's a low-resolution copy to wet your whistle.  This is only the first of 2 pages, but you get the idea!

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Historicon 2012 ... and a new adventure

Greetings troops !

     Joe Mezz here typing to you.  I was able to get to Historicon this year and hang out with the gang.  I want to send my sincere and heartfelt thanks to my WWPD bros and awesome followers that I was able to meet and talk to at the convention. It was an awesome experience and I am sure to attend next year !

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Panzers vs US Tanks in Italy (MW)

Tom wanted to get a game in before the MW Nationals. I obliged by taking my "runner up" list. I almost took these panzers instead of Armored Rifles.

The mission is Dust Up.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Soviet T-70 Company

Just a quick post today showcasing some painting I recently finished!  These are 10x Soviet T-70s.  

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tale of 2 Cities, Week 4 - Joe's US Armor Company

Greetings troops,

Week 4 ... what a fast ride for raising the army.  In case you have forgotten my whole list, here is a friendly reminder from !

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Raiding Forces - Autosahariana AS42 Platoon

Editor's note: We'd like to welcome Jeff "Sonbae" to the list of excellent chaps contributing to WWPD! -S

First of all I just, wanted to thank the WWPD crew on giving me a chance to do reviews for them.  Glad to be part of the team. 

Over on the WWPD forums in the Operation Sea Lion section, there is a poll about what campaign we would like to see next.  As of this writing, North Africa/Raiding Aces is leading by a good margin with 34% of the vote.  This got me to looking back at my Autosahariana Force I built a year ago for our local Raiding Aces campaign in hopes that North Africa will be the next campaign location.  On my blog, I just sort of showed off my paint job, but didn’t get into a proper review of the box set.    

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Measuring Sticks and Flight Stands by Corsec Engineering

Corsec Engineering, makers of all kinds of neat odds and ends for use in gaming, send us some measuring sticks and flight stands for review!
The stuff

All the parts included with their flight stand
We'll start by taking a look at their flight stand.  This flight stand is fully compatable with their extensive Omni-Stand system that essentially allows you to extend altitude in increments, as well as attach different adapters to the top to fit a wide variety of needs.

The particular flight stand pictured starts with their Aerial Support Base which is specifically made to hold an airplane die for use with Flames of War.  Next, is a 1.5" Omni Stand.  These stands are threaded on both ends so you can extend them to show altitude.  Finally, there are a variety of "toppers".  Here you see one of my Check Your 6! planes mounted on a sphere magnet allowing you flexibility in the aircraft's facing.

Sphere magnet

Pictured here is a small mount ideal for smaller miniatures.
Small, discrete mount.
Which brings me to the mounting peg.  Ideally these would probably be drilled into and attached to the miniatures, but I found the extra height made them work out okay with my existing magnets.  As a bonus, the post itself is not magnetized, which is good since my Flames of War planes are all of the same polarity (which is opposite of the cool ball-mount you saw above with my CY6 planes!)
The steel post

Vroom vroom!
The only drawback with not having these actually drilled into the model is that it isn't super sturdy.  The plane is fine, but tipping it too far will make the plane fall.  Not a big deal- I am using them in a way they're not intended after all.
But the real joy is the little seat for the plane die!

And here it is next to the Flames of War stand.
The stands are nice, and inexpensive.  I also like their flexibility.  The stand as assembled above is around $4USD.  Useful for Flames of War to be sure, but for any kind of flying mounts where you need a bunch of them, their low cost and flexibility makes them a really attractive solution.  They aren't quite as aesthetically pleasing, but the functionality makes them very competetive.

Now on to the measuring sticks!  Included is a 16" and a 6" stick.

Similar to the omni stands, each individual piece of the omni-ruler is threaded so you can quickly get any distance you'd like.  Each segment is 1", and come in 2 flavors: "segment" and "end cap".  You can mix and match colors to build your own sets.  Check them out on their site here: Omni-Ruler

They're light weight (so won't scratch your models), easy to work with, and attractive.  I *really* like these measuring sticks and plan to use them exclusively for Saga.  In fact, I can't think of anything that'd make these guys better.
4", 6", 12".  Perfect for Saga!
In conclusion these are some really great accessories to pick up!  They're very affordable, attractive, and useful.  Can't go wrong!

Flight Stands: 7/10 bi-planes.
Omni-Ruler: 14/14 Norman Knights.

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Measuring Sticks and Flight Stands by Corsec Engineering

Corsec Engineering, makers of all kinds of neat odds and ends for use in gaming, send us some measuring sticks and flight stands for review!
The stuff

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Devil's Charge! SS Panzers vs US Perimeter Outpost

I got our copies of Devil's Charge in the mail and within 15 minutes was setting up a board for us to play on! Sean and I decided to set up a fairly historical board and scenario, knowing it would be difficult for the Germans. But Sean wouldn't refuse the challenge so off we went! US Perimeter Outpost vs SS Panzer Kamfgruppe! Originally we had the central bridge intact, but I traded in my AT Obstacle to have it blown. The river was Very difficult with difficult ford crossings.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

City X Fight (Mega Desert Battle Scenario)

If you've seen some of Anatoli's posts showcasing some of the 'uge desert mega battles he's played in, then you know how epic the battles looked!  Patrik Fridland put a lot of effort into not just making a ton of awesome scenery to bring these battles to the tabletop, but a really fun system that uses cards and random events!  Patrik worked diligently to translate the rules into English for your viewing pleasure!

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Today is VUK Day! Sea Lion is Over!

The Operation Sea Lion online campaign has come to an end!  Watch the video below, you can still check out to see all the AARs!

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

What's been going on over at The Tapestry?

Since we all got caught with the Saga bug there haven't been all that many "Somethin' Else Sundays" around here!  So here's an opportunity to get you fellow Sagamites and would-be Sagamites caught up with all that's gone down on The Tapestry!

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tale of 2 Cities - Week 4: Dirty Jon's Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers

In my last article, I talked a ton of strategy for the list. This week, I want to talk about how to use the troops you already have to build a flexible force for multiple companies, fronts and time periods!
Adding Nebelwerfers is a great way to get a cheap platoon for pinning and smoking!

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